Your guide to creating a stress-free workspace

The truth is, you can’t expect to be productive if you’re feeling stressed. So, if you’re particularly tense and it’s beginning to impact on your work, it might be time to make a few changes – and where better to start than with your immediate workspace. In this blog, we take a look at how you can create a stress-free work environment.

Get organised

As the saying goes, ‘a tidy desk makes for a tidy mind’. So, if your surfaces are cluttered and untidy, you could find that your stress levels start to rise. From piles of paperwork, to scattered pens, to dirty mugs, letting things get out of hand can make your area look and feel chaotic, distracting you from getting on with the task at hand.

Organisation is key if you want to create a calm workspace – and getting your belongings in order doesn’t have to be difficult. The good news is, there are a whole host of storage options available that can help you maintain a neat and tidy work environment. For example, you can find filing cabinets, cupboards and bookcases in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes from online retailers such as Furniture At Work.

Introduce some greenery

It’s widely believed that the presence of plants can significantly help reduce stress in the office environment. In fact, it’s thought that introducing some greenery can lower feelings such as anxiety, fatigue and depression. So, if you’re keen to achieve a calmer, more relaxing workspace, why not bring the outside in and throw some plants into the mix?

Whether you add a petite potted succulent or a vase of beautiful booms to your desk, or you decide to position a large, leafy plant in the corner of the room, there are a number of ways you can use nature as a way to create a more pleasant place to work.

Decorate using calming colours

It’s also thought that colour can play a huge part in alleviating stress in the workplace, so it pays to think about your palette when you’re decorating your space. For example, shades such as blue, green and purple are often associated with feelings of relaxation, while hues like red and orange might be a little too stimulating.

For more tips on how to put together a stress-free workspace, why not check out Furniture At Work’s ‘Office MOT’ campaign?