Why Minimising Your Buying Habits and Investing in Luxury is the Future

October 4, 2018

In the past few decades – and even just this past decade – our buying habits have shifted dramatically. Things are cheap! We can pick up a new shirt one day, and have it cost so little that we could throw it away the next and buy something new. It is for this reason that 10.5 million tonnes are sent to the landfill every week.

Less than one hundred years ago the average woman only owned 9 outfits. These were made to last, could last a lifetime, and were typically much higher quality than anything we could buy in the mall today. Back then, 20% of a person’s income was spent on clothing, despite owning an average of 9 outfits. Today, we spend approximately 4% and are throwing old items out like they were tissues.

Choose quality over quantity, make it last, repair it – these are the mantras that are dominating the world and helping us all move towards a better place. To do this, you need to minimise your buying habits, and instead invest in better, more luxurious pieces:

How Well Made Was the Item?

Learning the ins and outs of materials and learning the difference between a well-made item and one that isn’t will go a long way towards investing in luxury pieces that might not have a designer label attached to them. The better the make, the longer it will last. They also tend to be more flattering and feel better when wearing, so it’s a win-win!

Can You See Yourself Wearing It Again and Again?

One of the biggest indicators for whether or not you should buy something is how often you can see yourself wearing it. That is why high-quality basics and neutrals can be such a great choice. They can be paired with anything and, due to their higher production value, will last you for decades. If they are designer, then you can even potentially benefit from a good resale value if you wanted to pass it on.

Can It Be Passed on to Your Children?

In some cases, investment pieces are so beautiful and timeless that they could be passed down from generation to generation. Pearl earrings, for example, are a timeless accessory, and the better the design, quality, and make, the more eternal it will become. Once you start thinking about a purchase in generational terms, your investment will immediately seem more appropriate. Buying luxury pearl jewelry should be both a treat and an investment, and the more you need to invest, the more incentive you will have to care for it.  

There is a worldwide movement to consume less, make what we have last, and to change our consumer habits so that not only can the world be a healthier place, but so that we can be happier, too. By saving up for big, luxury purchases, you can invest in your wardrobe and style, and, in the case of jewelry, even give your children and grandchildren a legacy they can cherish.

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