Where to go for spotting Royals in the UK

May 7, 2019

If you’re hoping to spot some members of the British royal family while you’re visiting, then you might have more opportunities than you think. Most tourists head straight to Buckingham Palace, but there are plenty of alternative places to visit as well. Even if you don’t see the Queen, you’ll still get to experience some of the most beautiful spots in the UK. No matter your reasons for visiting Britain, if you want to have a greater chance of spotting a member of the royal family, then these are the best places to head to, and what you can do while you’re waiting for that cheeky look at one of the most famous families in the world.

The Queen’s Home

As the Queen’s official residence, you might assume that you’ll see her majesty fairly often if you just hang out by the formidable gates. Unfortunately, chances are very slim that you’ll see the Royals coming and going. However, it’s well worth the trip because it’s a stunning building that just oozes elegance and class, and is the perfect starting point to your royal tour.

Wonderful Windsor

You stand a much better chance of spotting a royal in Windsor. The current monarch uses Windsor Castle as your weekend residence, and you’ll be able to tell if she’s home by looking for the Royal Standard that will be on the main mast. If you spot the Union Jack, it means that she’s elsewhere. If that’s the case, don’t panic too much, there’s plenty to do in Windsor, and it’s one of the most beautiful spots in the UK. Walk the gardens of the castle and then head to the Corner House Pub Windsor for some craft gins that the Queen would approve of.

Head North

If you’re visiting in the summer, then you should always take the time to visit Scotland. There’s nothing quite like it, but you might also get to see some royals there too. Balmoral is one of the Queen’s favorite summer retreats. You could even spend your time in Scotland as her neighbor, because you can actually rent cottages on the grounds of the vast Balmoral estate! If you fancy vacationing like a royal, then Scotland and Balmoral should definitely be very high on your itinerary.

Birthday Celebrations

With more birthdays than most people, it’s no surprise that your number one best option for spotting the Queen is during the festivities. Trooping the Colour is an annual event that marks her ‘official birthday,’ and it takes place every June. If you can get a good place to stand somewhere along The Mall (tickets are notoriously difficult to snag), then you’re definitely going to see her majesty enjoying the birthday spectacle.

You probably won’t get to see a member of the royal family unless you make it a priority. You aren’t likely to bump into them as you shop or sunbathe, but if you plan your journey around their calendar, you might get closer to them than you think.

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