Where can you listen to live music in Zurich?

Listening to live music is always a pleasant experience, whether you go to a concert or have a night out in a local bar. Live music is always engaging, no matter what your favorite style is. If you want to listen to live music in Zurich, we know about several places where you can have such an experience.

  • Moods. This is a music venue where you can listen to the best concert in Zurich. This place is especially appreciated by jazz fans. Even those who live beyond the Swiss borders come to Zurich to visit Moods and listen to the highest-quality jazz music live. Although Moods is considered a home for jazz, other concerts are also played here. Except for jazz, you listen to electro music live.
  • Helsinki. Helsinki in Zurich is one of the favorite places of alternative music fans. This location is considered a home for the indie scene. Helsinki is famous for its relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. These are the best conditions if you want not just to have fun while listening to live music but also to have some rest.
  • Bogen F. Bogen F has the best acoustics among all other places in Zurich where you can listen to live music. This is all thanks to its circular ceiling. The unique atmosphere is also enhanced by the location under the railway viaduct.
  • Papiersaal. Is also worth visiting when a concert of your favorite music style is taking place. This location guarantees the best experience because it has a 180-degree stage. You will have a lot of fun there, so if you are in Zurich, don’t miss the possibility to go there and listen to your favorite music.
  • Red Factory. Red Factory isn’t an ordinary concert hall where you can listen to your favorite live music. This is a real tourist attraction that is located near the local lake. It’s beloved by fans of punk and techno music.
  • Volkhause. This is where the biggest stars often give their concerts in Zurich, so if you want to listen to real celebrities live, welcome to Volkhause! Usually, concerts by pop stars take place there, but there are a lot of alternative options as well.

Pubs are also great to listen to live music!

It’s also engaging to listen to live music in true pubs because live music can perfectly enhance the atmosphere. If you want to have such an experience, you should visit a true Irish pub. Willow Yard is a good one. Here you can listen to the live singing of talented Irish performers and enjoy drinking crafted beer and eating tasty Irish dishes. Listening to live music shouldn’t be your aim during a visit to Willow Yard but it will definitely be a worthy experience