Ways To Spend Your Free Time On The Weekends

Your weekends are precious time that you have to spend any way you choose. You work hard during the week and want to make sure you have a game plan in mind for how to fill your free time when it arrives so you don’t end up wasting it away.

There are a few ideas in particular you may want to consider working into your weekend schedule if you’re unsure of how to fill your days off. What you want to avoid is trying to pack in too much and then feeling exhausted when Monday rolls around, or doing absolutely nothing and then having regrets about being too boring.

Hanging out with Friends

One way to spend your free time on the weekends is to get together and hang out with your friends. Throw a party at the beach and soak up the sunshine or go see a movie that’s been on your radar. The weekends are the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your friends who you rarely get to see during the week when you’re busy working. Reach out and plan activities early on in the week so that you can all mark it on your calendars and make sure you’re available to hang out.


Be productive on the weekends by using it as a chance to exercise and break a sweat. This is a great way to spend your time and you’ll feel so much better when you’re all finished with your physical activity. Some ideas include:

  • Going for a bike ride
  • Hiking a new trail
  • Heading to the gym
  • Swimming laps
  • Playing a sport

You’ll not only be getting yourself into better shape by prioritising exercise on the weekends, but your mood will lift and you’ll have more natural energy.

Catching up on Rest & Sleep

Another way to spend your free times on the weekends is to focus on catching up on rest and sleep. Don’t be afraid to sleep in on a Saturday or take a little nap during the day when not much else is going on. You should also consider staying in on a Friday or Saturday night and watching a movie instead of going out and staying up all night if you want to feel more rested. There’s nothing wrong with saying no to other people and instead using your time off to take care of you and practice self-care.


Weekends are a great time to get out and go shopping for items you need and haven’t had the time to buy. For instance, maybe you want to update your wardrobe for work or focus on decorating your house. Either way, go out and hit up the stores and shop the weekend sales so you can save yourself some money. Invite your mom or friends along and make a day of it by grabbing some lunch in between stores. Otherwise, if you don’t feel like leaving the house but want to be productive, you can also think about doing some online shopping.