How to Utilise Cloud Storage Effectively

August 22, 2017

Cloud storage now provides more than a space to upload and download files. Nowadays, you can do so much more with the innovative software, such as collaborating on documents, integrating data with a third-party app or synchronizing files with a local system.

Despite the many advantages cloud storage now offers, many users are failing to use the software to its full potential. Find out how to utilize cloud storage effectively.

Look Beyond Storage Space

We recommend selecting a cloud storage provider that offers so much more than cloud storage alone. Pick a provider who is willing to offer extra features to help grow your business. For example, you can buy Office 365 from Bytes to access all Microsoft Office platforms, depending on your package. Not only that, but Microsoft also provides 1TB of One Drive storage space for every Office 365 users, which you can download onto one PC or Mac computer and one smartphone.

Document Collaboration

Are your team sending external files to one another via email? Improve productivity by encouraging employees to start collaborating on documents together online. The likes of Office 365 allows users to share and collaborate on the same document at the same time.

It’s also possible to send file permissions to take control of access to critical files. Many often come with the following three level permissions: View only, view and comment only and edit only.

View only is ideal for sharing one document with many users, so they can read the document but will be unable to make any changes or modifications, either by mistake or deliberately. However, view and comment only is beneficial if the document owner requires feedback, but does not want a user to change the data. Editing privileges should therefore only be provided when multiple users want to collaborate on one file.

Data Encryption

Data security should be of paramount importance to every business owner, even if they are using the cloud. Take advantage of the additional feature and opt for data encryption when selecting a cloud software package. This will ensure your sensitive data cannot be intercepted by an eavesdropper when sending files over an untrusted network, such as the internet.

Data encryption will limit access to the files, as not even a cloud storage provider will know what data you have stored on their server. Yet, you must protect the data encryption key to ensure you can access your sensitive files. You will also have to download the files and enter the encryption key before you can preview the documents. While it might seem a little inconvenient, it will provide the security and privacy your business needs to grow.


Cloud storage can improve your company’s online security, productivity and creativity, which is why millions of businesses have chosen to migrate to the cloud. Take the time to learn more about the cloud storage features to ensure you utilize the software like a pro, which could help your business grow from strength to strength.


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