How to Transform Your Garage into a Man Cave

Every man deserves a man cave. Staying around the house all the time with your wife and kids can wear out even the most resilient men. A man cave allows a man to have a space where he can meditate away from the daily pressures of family. It is also the perfect plan to hang out with his friends with zero inhibitions. If your home has an alternative space where you can park your car, then you should consider transforming your garage into a man cave. Instead of spending lots of money building a new house to create a man cave, take time and learn how you can transform that garage into a comfortable, relatively spacious man cave.

The Man Cave Plan

Before the actual work of converting the garage space into a man cave can begin, you’ll need to take time to plan how you want the space to look like when all the work is done. Some men prefer their man caves to be considerably primitive while others want to achieve a modern look that can compete with the rest of their home. If you intend to use the space as a living space both night and day, then the latter look would be ideal. In such a plan, factors like air conditioning, insulation and heating must come into play. But if you want a simple space to socialize with your friends a few hours a week, then something simpler would suffice.

The Garage Walls

Most garage walls do not have insulation. Given that they also do not benefit from the air conditioning and heating systems you have installed in the rest of your home, an effective conversion must include insulating those walls. For unfinished garages, consider installing the insulation materials between the garage wall studs. You can close up that insulation by putting up a drywall and painting it.

Remember to clearly mark the locations of the studs. You will need them when hanging your flat screen TVs and basketball hoops. While working on the walls, consider a garage door opener system.

The Floor

Insulating the garage floor will eliminate the cold that concrete floors are known for. You can do this by installing floorboards or a carpet. A faster way to insulate the floor is by using large rugs. Insulating the walls is important if you don’t intend to stay idly on the sofa all day. You friends will want to play some competitive indoor games like darts. Leaving the floor uninsulated will make it nearly impossible to do so.

Man Cave Accoutrements

No man cave would be complete without its fair share of accoutrements. These accessories will bring out the difference between your family home and your personal space. Some men prefer a dive bar look where they can relax with their male friends playing chess or darts. Instead of the usual living room furniture, you may want to experiment with stacked up beer crates with some cushions for added comfort. Remember to add a liquor cabinet, a wine rack, a humidor and a kegerator.

A garage may seem like an unlikely place to create a man cave that you can comfortably hang out with your male friends, yet, with a little effort, you can turn an average-sized garage into a striking man cave that you can crawl into every time you want to take a break from your usual family engagements.