How To Bag Your Brand

When it comes to making your brand stand out from the crowd, you want to go the extra mile for your customers. Whether that’s a discount code on their birthday, or a free sample of a new product before it hits the shelves, you want to make your customers believe in your brand as much as you do. A great way to create brand awareness is through printed cotton bags. Not only are they environmentally conscious, but they essentially provide you with marketing every time they’re used. Here are some top tips for putting your brand on a bag. 


When designing your bag, you want to make sure it’s completely different from other brands you’ve seen. You don’t want it to end up being confused with another brand when it’s seen in passing. Your bag should make people ask the person in front of them waiting for the bus where they got their cool bag from. When choosing a bag, it’s a good idea to have a dramatic theme of all black with white text or add a pop of colour to a plain white bag. This way you can be sure people will pay attention to the bag being carried and what’s printed on the front. 


Not only does your design have to be bold and eye-catching, but you also want it to be easily readable. Don’t go adding a full paragraph of text in a handwritten script that no one will be able to decipher. You want someone to walk by your bag, see the name and instantly be able to look your business up. It’s also good to take colour theory into consideration too. Don’t choose a bright yellow bag with white lettering that nobody can read. Instead, choose one darker colour and one lighter colour. This way you can be sure your bag is being looked at for all the right reasons. 

Show Off Your Style

If your brand is all about bright colours and rainbows, then make sure your bag reflects that. Similarly, don’t go all out if you’re logo is understated and simple. Your bags should match the vibe that your business has, so make sure to follow the tone of your brand when designing. 

Think Of Your Customers

It’s always good to think of your customers when branding a bag. It might be worthwhile doing a survey to find out what style they would prefer and what material. You could have the perfect organic cotton tote bag, but if your customer base is mainly hikers, it’s not the most practical of bags for them. Your bag needs to reflect you, your brand, and your customers. If you spend money on a set of branded bags that won’t end up being used, you’ve wasted not just money, but an opportunity to get your name out there. 

It’s always fun to try out something new for your business and see what growth it can lead to. But if you consider the tips above, you can ensure you’ll have the best, branded bag around.