Top Ways to Find Inspiration as a Blogger

February 7, 2019

Setting up a blog can be difficult, from the commitment that is involved to finding subjects to write about regularly and for a long period of time. However, inspiration is everywhere if you know where to look for it, and whether you want to focus on your blog on celebrity gossip or your personal experiences, blogging subjects are easy to find.

National and International News

If your blog is focused on politics, or you are interested in writing opinion articles based on current issues such as feminism, you can find inspiration from local and national news channels. These will provide you with the latest news and developments in the areas that you want to write about, and starting off your article with a paragraph of current news can help to springboard your ideas, root them in fact and show that your blog is up-to-date and relevant. However, you should ensure that your news sources are trustworthy as this will lend credibility to your blog, even if you eventually disagree with them.

Celebrity Gossip Columns

Personal lifestyle blogs are becoming increasingly common, and their popularity is rising, especially with young people who have an interest in beauty and fashion. Celebrity gossip columns can give you access to a wide range of current information about the most on-trend celebrities, from what they are wearing to who they are dating. This can make your lifestyle blog of much more interest to a younger audience as they strive to be like their favourite celebrities. This can then provide your blog with inspiration as they will enable you to discuss celebrities’ fashion choices, news and their lifestyles and apply this to the reader, such as discussing the best ways to dress like them. For the best black entertainment news today, The Shade Room showcases both the most outrageous celebrity gossip and a wide selection of showbiz news to help inspire your blog.

Hobbies and Interests

After you design your blog, using your own hobbies and interests is an easy way to start writing. Whether your hobby is reading or studying marine life, you can start a blog focused around these subjects and aimed at other people with similar interests. Reviews are a great way to focus on interests as they allow you to share your opinion of a piece of literature of trip to the cinema in a subjective yet professional way, without having to distil details of your personal life.

Your Life Experiences

However, personal blogs are particularly on trend at the moment, and using your blog to talk about your life and any thoughts that you may have is one of the most unique and simple ways to start a blog. These blogs can vary in content every day, and can focus on anything from a funny moment that happened in the lunch queue, to an observation you may have had about your career or a particular change in your life. These blogs can help others in similar situations to you, whilst sharing your own wisdom and the experiences that you have on a daily basis.

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