Title: Creating the Perfect Home for You

March 8, 2021

Who hasn’t spent time thinking of the perfect home for themselves at some point in their lives? From its location to the number of rooms, size of the kitchen and outdoor space, so many elements make up the complete package. The good news is you don’t necessarily have to have an unlimited budget and choice of the world’s best properties to have the perfect home. No, you can easily start to create your dream setting from scratch in the home you currently occupy and without breaking the bank. Here are a few ways to get started with creating the perfect home for you.

It’s all about the details

Every house is a home they say, but until the finer details have been put in place and perfected, only then can you say it’s a perfect home. From small touches like door handles, light switches and pictures on the wall, there are many different things you can do to make your own really unique and personal. This can even extend to larger appliances and features that are throughout your home by upgrading them to fit your aesthetic. The humble radiator is an example of this, where you can elevate the heating in your home to match your décor. There are many great examples of quality radiators by Stelrad, from designer styles to colourful vertical radiators and column radiators. Sometimes overlooked when perfecting your home, radiators can help bring out even more of your character whilst ensuring your home is always at the perfect temperature.

Let there be light

It’s a fact that natural light will improve the mood of anyone, and your home deserves the same treatment. Having a home with plenty of windows and openings can ensure not only sufficient lighting, but also ensures fresh air is circulating at all times. Part of having the perfect home is feeling great living there, with wellness and wellbeing at the core of achieving this. As well as natural light, having other natural elements as part of your interior design is a great choice. Plants and flowers will bring the garden into the home, especially ideal if you don’t have any outdoor space to enjoy such as in an apartment. 

Comfort over style

It can be tempting to try and implement different interior design trends into one home, but it doesn’t always create the perfect environment. Rather than choosing options based on what is popular or trending online, or what is deemed to be stylish at this moment in time, it’s best to choose something that will last, and you won’t have to upgrade in a few years. Comfort is high on that list as above all you want to enjoy the space and not fill it with uncomfortable furniture just because it looks good. In the same way that the clothes you wear should promote comfort, your home should be the same. 

Remember, the perfect home is not the same for everyone and you’ll want to fill it with personality and items that are close to you. Pictures of family and friends help with this as well as creating room designs that are both practical and are full of your favourite things. That way, the perfect home can be achieved right where you are without too much effort or spend. 

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