Tis the Season of Giving – Uplifting Handmade Gifts for Family and Friends

December 11, 2017

Everyone has that friend or two who needs a little special uplifting around the holidays. Maybe they lost their job or perhaps it’s the first year with the kids away at school or maybe their spouse passed away suddenly, and they are all alone this holiday season. Life isn’t always a bowl of cherries, but a thoughtful gift can be just the thing to lift them out of the blues, even if only for a moment, and that’s something they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives.

Inspirational Needlepoint Wall Hanger

If you’re at all handy with needlepoint, you may want to try your hand at a customized inspirational wall hanging. Often, you can find just what you are looking to say on Examined Existence and it isn’t hard from there to turn a lovely quote into a work of art. If you have some graph paper around, chart out your letters, make the saying and then add decorations around the perimeter like a frame. This is one gift that will be seen daily, lifting your friend up at moments they need it most.

Imprinted or Painted Cutting Board

If your friend or family member spends any amount of time in the kitchen, an imprinted or painted cutting board is just the thing. Start with the board – usually, it is better if it’s wood – and then sketch what you’d like to express. It could be a picture of the seashore, a coffee mug, or simply a brief inspirational poem. You can go all-out or be as simple as you’d like, but the finished product will speak volumes about your love and concern at this time of year.

Custom Made T-Shirts, Bags and Mouse Pads

Even if you don’t have a heat transfer press, you can still design some amazingly creative T-shirts, bags and mouse pads on your laptop or desktop computer. Sometimes a dry, very hot iron will do the trick if the design is small enough, but other times you may need to take your creation to a local T-shirt shop in the mall. They will not charge much for transferring the design you’ve printed at home and the only thing left to do is take it home and wrap it!

For those new to the heat transfer process, always make sure to wash the fabric first with no fabric softener. Also, never launder an item before the transfer has set at least 72 hours. And always print in mirror image.

Hand Painted Garden Stepping Stone

These you can buy at any home improvement store, but the paints you’ll need to get at a craft shop. Walmart also sells some acrylics you can use, but if you are an artist at heart, you’ll soon have a decorative stepping stone that is unlike anything anyone else could ever hope to have. Don’t forget to add that inspirational message to your stone.

These are just a few gift ideas you can use with an uplifting, inspirational message meant just for your friend or family member. Words of encouragement can get them through their deepest and darkest days, so think carefully what you want to convey, find just the right message and from there inspiration on how to use it will hit you. Enjoy your new project. We’re sure your friend will love it!


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