Timeless Bedroom Color Palettes

October 8, 2018

Whether you’re looking to emulate a change of seasons, a life change, or simply refresh and lift your spirits, updating bedroom color palettes can make a big difference. Your inspiration may be drawn from the Pantone colors of the year (2017 was Greenery, Pantone 15-0343), a mood when lingering at paint chips, a visit with a friend, or a page from a magazine. Wikipedia defines timeless as “not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion.” Others may attribute a more personal association with timeless as something you simply enjoy seeing day in and day out over a long period of time. Here are some timeless bedroom color palettes to consider as you plan your next room redesign:

White – Yes, white is timeless, and it’s also possibly the broadest available in the color spectrum. Each of the leading paint manufacturers may count 50 or more whites in their palette, even though these may each provide a hint of grey, yellow, pink, blue, green, or other blend. My own walls are painted Benjamin Moore Montgomery White (HH-33) which I’ve always described as a “buttery mustard” and even then as the light shifts, so does the color. In some places, more “lemonade” and in others, a “spicy brown mustard.” It’s in part what makes white a timeless bedroom color palette. It can set the tone of the space, reflect your furnishings and finishings, and bring light into your room.

Blue – Long considered to be a color that evokes emotions of serenity, trust and welcoming, blue provides a timeless bedroom color palette. Did you know that nowadays more websites have a blue base than any other color? How better than to search or shop than with great peace of mind. Designers suggest that it’s a bedroom paint color that will never go out of style, and this isn’t referring to a nursery “baby blue.” From blues that draw images of clear oceans to ones that reflect a nighttime sky, there’s a blue out there for everyone. A denim hue can provide for the timeless backdrop for a child – boy or girl – from infancy through adulthood. Cornflower can work from one owner to the next. Transferable, transgressional, timeless.

Pink – Again, it’s time to think beyond the nursery, although what is more timeless than starting the surroundings for a new life in a color that sparks light, innocence and femininity? Pink makes for a timeless bedroom color palette from that light baby’s breath tone to a rich blush that draws from an heir of romance. Complement toile or shabby chic whites, or contrast pine or cherry wood to add sophistication. Shades of pink can pop, surprise, sooth or delight, placing them in the timeless bedroom color palettes profile.

Green – As with blue, there are shades of green that cross into the white and grey spectrums such as sage green. Or, others that will whisk you off to envisioning yourself at the shimmering water’s edge by strong teal. But the timeless shades of green to consider for your bedroom color palette may actually be the rich tones in the hunter or sage green family. Do these rich tones make you think of flowing flower fields, beautiful trees waving in the breeze or a snow-capped forest? Yes, most of the classic greens will spring ties to nature. Select the color that invokes great visions and warm memories and you’ve found your own timeless color palette.

Earth Tones – A broad category offering a classic range of browns, rusts, beiges and mixtures therein, the earth tones may give an heir of history to your bedroom color palette. Always timeless, these colors can support deep floral wallpaper, rich furnishings, or blend with a zen-like room allowing you to create your own oasis getaway. PPG Paints named their 2017  colors of the year a collection of 24 “rich, timeless mid-tones with an earthy edge.” Their spin on “classic shades with a contemporary edge” offer colors that mix colors from the categories of “Outdoorsy,” “Luxurious,” “Modern” and “Traditional.” If you’ve already pictured how these colors might look in your bedroom and had a positive emotional response, you may have just honed in on your own bedroom color palettes.

Grey – There are more than 50 shades of grey to consider as a timeless bedroom color palette. What was once considered a dramatic color targeted to bathrooms and dining rooms has now become a timeless bedroom option. From the pale greys that cross into the white spectrum to the medium greys – so classic that Dulux paint even has one named just that, “Classic Grey” – it’s a neutral like no other. Sometimes dark, sexy, and other times light with reflections of pink. Grey complements silver and light wood and offers a striking contrast to brass, dark woods and metals. It provides a new neutral backdrop for yellows, blues, reds and more.

Online style guide suggests that timeless color palettes for those in your bedroom and beyond can be found in pairing the right color tones. Their contributor’s favorite match-ups? Some may sound at first a bit shocking, but as each color holds a range of hues, close your eyes and envision how these complementary colors may offer you inspiration to set your own bedroom color palettes: Yellow and Blue; Black and White; Pink and Green; Navy and White; Yellow and Grey; Red and Beige; Orange and Blue; and Chocolate and Lavender.

Whether you are updating only the paint in your bedroom, or planning a full room makeover, play with color. Maybe a deeper – or softer – tone of your existing shade will be just what you’re looking for. Or, refreshing with a new timeless shade from the other end of the color spectrum is just what you and your room need. White? Grey? Blue? Pink? Green? Beige? Play with color and choose a shade you can see bringing your space new life from year to year.

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