The Top Places to Play Laser Tag Near Seattle

February 27, 2019

Don’t want to get trapped with bored kids and nothing to do this weekend? Don’t get stuck in the house while your weekend wastes away. It’s time to come up with a game plan, something fun that the whole family can enjoy. But what can a parent with limited time and some very antsy kids do that will make everyone happy?

Movies can be expensive. Bored Games can get played out. You’ve already watched everything on Netflix. And most likely, your kids could use a break from their phones. We’ve all seen the tell-tale sign that a child has run out of activities to keep them occupied and now they’re B-O-R-E-D. Don’t let boredom ruin your weekend!

Parents, it’s time to get your kids out of the house and do something active where you actually connect with your children. If you want to do something fun, why not face off against your friends and family in a no-holds-barred epic game of laser tag? Everyone will want to get in on the action and trust us, it’s a blast!

Laser tag is a great activity for all ages, from young kids’ birthday parties to adults looking for a way to cut loose. And there are so many ways to play laser tag in Seattle. Even if you think you’ve played laser tag before, many Seattle laser tag venues are changing the way the game is experienced and trying new ways to up the challenge. Some are even taking the action outside or are making the gameplay even more competitive.

If you’re looking to plan a celebration with friends, have a fun day out with the kids, or want a totally unique activity for an epic date night, laser tag can be a fun way to loosen up, get your heart rate up, and bond big-time with your kids.

In the Seattle area, there are many places where you can plan your next game of laser tag, but only some that we can 100 percent guarantee will leave you begging for more. Here four of our favorite laser tag spots that deliver on a unique and superior experience. Some offer a classic laser tag game, while others take things to whole new levels. You might just have the time of your life!

1. Laser Tag Live

We all have an idea of what a laser tag arena looks like. Usually, there are two teams in velcro vests shooting it out in a dark room surrounded by fog and neon lights. Of course, there’s a reason why this version of the game is a classic, but now Laser Tag Live is trying to change the way we used to play the game.

Here, they take the game outside and customize the laser tag experience to each customer.

If you’re looking to play laser tag on the fly or perhaps you’d like your gaming experience to be mobile, Laser Tag Live is a totally unique experience where staff will help you plan and carry out your own laser tag course wherever you want. Whether it’s in a rented warehouse space, a field, a school, or even community centers, Laser Tag Live brings the party to you.

Laser Tag Live has a dedicated staff who will help you divide your group into teams, carries top-of-the-line equipment, and bring the fun with every game. And this innovative company is community-minded too.

Laser Tag Live says that their goal is to give back to communities by engaging them in prosocial behavior and positive team building. So, if you’re looking for a fun way to team build in your corporate office, this might be the best choice for you.

2. High Trek Laser Tag

Anything is possible with High Trek Laser Tag whose outdoor style gameplay is what makes this a fun way to spend a nice night. High Trek specializes in tactical laser tag where players can compete in a range of up to 600 feet.

Laser tag gear is tricked out with variable hit damage, range, sound effects, and reverberation depending on player preferences. The recommended age for participating is seven-years-old and up, though kids of any age are allowed to participate with their parents’ permission.

3. Virtual Sports

Looking for options in your laser tag course? Virtual Sports has multiple different missions meaning that the game can vary every time you play. Versions include Capture the Flag-style missions, classic team-vs-team, and a tug-of-war mission where players must battle to grab “supply boxes” to gain points.

If you’re looking for other ways to play, why not try Virtual Sports Virtual Reality glasses or have a Nerf gun battle on the unique Astro Field. But no matter what, give Virtual Sports a shot and have fun!

4. Bullwinkle’s

Are you ready for some real fun? Bullwinkle’s has so many attractions for the whole family including miniature golf, go-karts, batting cages, bumper boats, bumper cars, bowling, virtual reality challenge, the Screamin’ Swing, Frog Hopper, Sling Shot, Kidopolis Playground, traffic school, and one of the most sought-after attractions — Lazer Xtreme.

What makes this laser tag experience so unique is that they combine traditional laser tag gaming with virtual reality. And the course is pretty cool too! The arena is decked out with strobe lights, fog, and music to get your heart pumping. And as soon as you break into teams, the game is on. Up to 16 people can play in one game of laser tag, making this the perfect activity for a birthday party or large group gathering.

Why not try it out or plan your next fun-tastic laser tag experience? They offer party packages for groups of six or more where you can pick three, four, or five attractions to explore. Each package comes with tokens, so you can hit the arcade and rack up enough points to get a prize before battling it out in the Lazer Xtreme arena.

So, what are you ready for a laser tag challenge?

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