Thailand Virtual Offices: What You Need to Know

February 7, 2017

Thailand is a place which is full of opportunity; be it travel adventures, culinary delights, or corporate ventures. It is a beautiful destination and a great place to spend time. However, it can be a rather tricky prospect for business owners. The law states that only US nationals can own 100% of a foreign company.

So, if you’re not from the US and you want to set up a business in Thailand, you need to find a trusted local associate. Otherwise, you’ll be handing over a significant proportion of your company. It can be a tricky process and it is enough to discourage some entrepreneurs, but there are ways to keep things running smoothly while you figure it out.

For example, you could stay in contact with your colleagues and employees by working out of a virtual office in the corporate district of Bangkok. Keep reading to find out about the benefits of virtual office solutions.

What Is a Virtual Office?

The concept is very simple, though it is still a relatively new one for most businesses. Instead of investing in a full-time private lease, virtual users pay to access a ‘ready to go’ workspace. It takes the form of a fairly large (usually open plan) environment, which contains printers, receptionists, broadband, cleaners, air conditioning and anything else you might need.

This complete package is available at a flat rate fee. Terms vary – some providers charge weekly or monthly and others by the hour – but the aim is to offer an optimised workspace. Click here to find out more about virtual offices located in the centre of Bangkok. These facilities are cheap and they’ll allow you to claim a prestigious corporate address.

Where Can I Find a Virtual Office?

There are a number of serviced office facilities in central Bangkok. Addresses include eminent locations such as the Park Ventures Ecoplex, The Offices at CentralWorld, and Silom Road. These are all impressive spots where long-term leases sell for substantially higher than the rates on a virtual suite.

Having a good corporate address is important, particularly in a place like Thailand where a lot of value is placed on status and industry connections. In many ways, it’s a kickstart to your reputation; a kind of shortcut move which earns you a lot of positive attention fast. Make sure that the facility you choose is also close to transport links and other urban amenities.

Why Should I Use Virtual Offices?

There are some major advantages to using virtual offices, particularly if you are a young company or an entrepreneur. When you’re just starting out, it’s usually a matter of finding money to invest in the future of the business before you’ve actually made any. This is tough and, if the first few years don’t go as smoothly as expected, it can leave you in debt.

Virtual offices minimise this risk because you’re paying for a full suite of corporate tools, but you’re not leasing it outright. You’re not responsible for anything beyond paying the weekly or monthly fees to access it. So, if a heater breaks, you don’t have to fix it. If the HVAC system needs cleaning, it’s not your money that pays for it.

The overheads are very low and the degree of flexibility is high. You don’t have to commit to using shared workspaces like these forever. The beauty of operating without a lease is that you can make changes anytime that you want. Virtual offices are the future of collaborative enterprise; they’re cheap, highly efficient, and they make success simple.  

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