Technology to Drive Efficiency Within the Workplace

June 20, 2017

To be successful, your company needs to be efficient. You pay your employees for their skill, time and productivity, and so, employees should be working towards targets, meeting deadlines and delivering sound results. However, efficiency levels can drop and plateau to new lows.

There can be many reasons behind a decline in efficiency – it may be because a department isn’t achieving their KPIs, however, it could also be because your company is yet to implement the appropriate technology that’ll speed up business processes and lessen employee frustrations.

What’s the best technology to drive efficiency within the workplace? Read below.

Document Management Over the Cloud

The cloud makes sharing documentation a smoother process for every employee (and employer) in the company. Through applications such as Dropbox, employees can add, edit, amend all your company’s documents without having to email the documents back and forth, or waste time reuploading the new document.

This type of document management is perfect for companies who have in-house staff as well as freelancers or those working from home. It’s also ideal for those who spend a lot of their time commuting to and from work, or must attend business meetings in other locations. Business is easily accessed, no matter where your workers are. They can work more efficiently without having to rely or depend on anyone else.

Supplier Portals

Your supply chain is key to providing a great service to your customers. If you are in retail, making sure your store (whether it’s online or offline) is fully stocked can determine your profit margins. For larger organizations running SAP ERP, you should invest in sound technology such as a SAP Supplier Portal found at to allow communication with your suppliers in real-time, to set up notifications for when stock is running low, forecast future demands and to see your current order statuses.


Most work needs to be implemented on a desktop, however, offering your employees the chance to work with more flexibility can improve their performance rates. Employees do not need to be chained to a desk, and by providing them with tablets, they could find another place to quietly work when they need a change of environment. Tablets could also persuade employees to work during their commute if they come to and from work via bus or train. Instead of opening up a laptop, tablets are lighter and much more exciting.

Social Media Add-Ons

Keeping tabs on your social media activity can prove troublesome. It’s difficult to Tweet once every hour, and so, programs like Hootsuite allow you to line up Tweets for your Twitter account, so you solely focus on mentions from your customers. However, this does not mean you should leave your Twitter; make sure to keep watch of what’s happening, and amend Tweets or add more if it calls for it. Your customers will be contacting you, so remember to retweet or like their comments. You still need to be ‘present,’ even if you’re only really half there.



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