Reasons Why Going to A Concert Alone Can Be Amazing

So, say your favorite band comes into town. They’re playing a big show not far from you, and (lucky you), you haven’t got anything on that night. Great! You immediately start to ask around to see which of your friends would be interested in going with you- but disaster. Either they’re busy, they don’t like the band, or they just don’t feel like it that night for whatever reason. Whatever reason they give, it leaves you without a single buddy to share your experience with. So, what do you do? Stay at home, knowing that you’re missing out on hearing some of your favorite songs being played in your own town? Absolutely not. Going to a concert alone can prove to be an extremely fun and rewarding experience, and here are just a few of the reasons why.


Being freed up from your friends means being freed up from all the hassle that comes with them, too. Once you’ve checked the upcoming concerts in your area and one has caught your eye, all you must do is worry about yourself. You don’t have to keep hassling people to buy their tickets. You don’t have to plan around others’ schedules, which can be hectic and quite inconvenient, especially if there’s a large group of you all going. Plus, and this is particularly annoying once you get into the concert, what if you all get separated in the crowd? How will you know how to find each other? If you attend alone, all you’ve got to concern yourself with is getting as close to the stage as possible, and trying to meet the lead singer’s eye.


Once you’re at a concert, you immediately know that everyone else there shares a common interest: the music. The fans’ interest is not just going to be a fleeting or minor one either; the dedication to the band means that they’ve paid to come and see them play live, just like you have. You already share a deep common connection with absolutely every single person in the venue, so if you want to strike up a conversation it shouldn’t be easier. Discuss your favorite songs, what you hope they’ll play, your favorite album cover, and other bands you like that are similar- there really shouldn’t be much opportunity for dead air.

It’s a Solitary Experience Anyway

Sure, you can chat to your friends for a bit before the show starts, and you can go and grab a beer or bite to eat afterwards, but for the duration of the time that the music is playing, you’re going to be totally focused on the band, and lost within the crowd. That experience is, essentially, a solitary one- you’re going to enjoy it just as much whether you came with a dozen people or you came on your own. So, really, you shouldn’t feel at all self-conscious about heading to a concert solo. You shouldn’t deprive yourself of a memorable live experience which, when it comes right down it, is going to be pretty much identical whether you have friends at your side or not.