8 Best Online Shopping Sites in Vietnam (2024)

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This guide outlines Vietnam’s top online shopping platforms, helping you find the right one for your next purchase.

From tech-savvy seeking cutting-edge gadgets to bargain hunters searching for hidden deals.

1. Lazada

Website: lazada.vn
Category: General Marketplace (Fashion, Electronics, Home Appliances, Beauty, Groceries, etc.)

Lazada is one of Southeast Asia’s largest online marketplaces, offering a well-curated selection of high-quality products across diverse categories.

Some would even say Lazada is the Amazon of Asia, offering everything from high-end tech to everyday essentials.

Lazada has exclusive brand partnerships and monthly deals on certain days of the month, called “double-digit deals.” The biggest sale is on November 11th (the “11.11” sale).

Lazada is known for its:

  • Customer service
  • Large inventory of products
  • B2C and C2C model
  • Monthly deals
  • Flash deals
  • Competitive Pricing

Lazada’s dedicated Vietnam store offers localized product selection, language support, and local delivery methods.

2. Shopee

Website: shopee
Category: General Marketplace (Fashion, Electronics, Home Appliances, Beauty, Groceries, etc.)

Shopee is one of the largest online marketplaces in Southeast Asia with a wide range of product categories.

They sell everything from electronics, fashion, furniture, accessories, makeup more.

Like Lazada, Shopee also runs special monthly promotions on double-digit days, such as the 11.11 sale, where customers can collect coupons for order discounts.

You’ll often see Shopee and Lazada trying to out-compete each other by offering competitive promotions to outdo each other.

Shopee is known for its:

  • Monthly deal days (double digit)
  • Flash deals
  • Fast local delivery
  • B2C and B2C model
  • Local and international sellers
  • User-friendly mobile app

Shopping tip: Watch for special Shopee promotions on double-digit days of the month, such as the 1st of January (1.1 sale). You can pre-apply coupons before the promotion date as they are limited in quantity.

Shopee operates a localized marketplace in Vietnam with local sellers and regional shipping options.

3. Aliexpress

Website: aliexpress.com
Category: International Marketplace (Direct from Chinese Sellers)

AliExpress is a global marketplace from China that offers a vast inventory of products produced in China and surrounding countries.

The store sells electronics, furniture, gadgets, accessories, sports equipment and more.

With its vast selection of products and multiple shipping options, AliExpress is an affordable option for international shoppers.

Most orders are shipped from China, so expect potential shipping delays and import fees. Make sure to check delivery estimates before placing your order.

AliExpress is known for its:

  • International shipping
  • Affordable prices
  • Wholesale items
  • Monthly deals
  • Unique gadgets
  • B2C and C2C model

I have a guide on how to ship from Aliexpress internationally to Vietnam.

4. Amazon International

Website: amazon.com
Category: Global Marketplace (Vast Variety of Products)

Amazon is widely recognized as one of the largest e-commerce platforms globally, boasting an extensive selection of products across various categories.

Their extensive global reach spans over 130 countries, in regions such as Africa, the Middle East, the Americas, Australia, Asia, the Pacific, and Europe, and they provide international delivery services.

Amazon is known for its exclusive products, including its Eco and Alexa smart home range.

Amazon is known for its:

  • Extensive catalog of products
  • International delivery
  • Customer support
  • Exclusive products
  • Digital products (prime/gift cards)
  • B2C and C2C model
  • Delivery and logistics network

Amazon US provides delivery services to Vietnam. My article provides a step-by-step guide on how to have your deliveries shipped to your local address.

5. Tiki

Website: tiki.vn
Category: General Marketplace (Electronics, Home Appliances, Books, Beauty, Groceries, etc.)

Tiki stands tall as a homegrown Vietnamese alternative to Shopee and Lazada.

Its diverse product range spans various categories, with competitive pricing and frequent deals.

Tiki focuses on high-quality electronics and appliances, reliable deliveries, and secure payment options, ensuring a smooth shopping journey.

6. Chotot

Website: chotot.com
Category: Second-hand Marketplace (Everything from Furniture to Cars)

Forget “used,” think “pre-loved” with Chotot. This platform reigns supreme as Vietnam’s go-to destination for second-hand goods.

From gently worn clothes and antique furniture to used cars and even pets, Chotot offers a treasure trove of finds across countless categories.

The appeal lies in its personalized experience, allowing users to post ads, haggle prices, and arrange meetups directly. However, exercise caution and meet in public places for enhanced security.


Website: shein.com
Category: Fashion (Women’s Clothing, Accessories, Shoes)

Shein is an online fashion marketplace based in China that has a global reach through international shopping.

Shein caters to both men and women, primarily focusing on women.

It offers styles for every occasion, including casual wear, beachwear, shoes, sportswear, and more.

In addition to its wide range of clothing, Shein also offers a variety of home goods, beauty products, gadgets, makeup, and accessories.

Most orders are shipped from China, so expect potential shipping delays or import fees.

Shein is known for its:

  • Budget fashion
  • International shipping
  • Wide variety of clothing and accessories
  • Holiday deals
  • Flash sales
  • Free returns
  • Free delivery (based on order total)
  • Localization per region

Shein has a localized website in Vietnam that caters to the local market demands and provides language support.

8. Temu

Website: temu.com
Category: General Marketplace (Direct from Chinese Sellers)

Temu is a competitor to Aliexpress and SHEIN, targeting budget-conscious shoppers.

They connect global shoppers with the Chinese marketplace, offering diverse products, including fashion, shoes, toys, gadgets, electronics, and more.

For grabbing deals, look out for monthly promotions, fash deals, and collectible discount coupons.

However, most orders are shipped from China, except for longer shipping times and potential import duties.

Temu is known for:

  • Discount fashion
  • Large inventory of products
  • B2C and C2C model
  • Flash deals
  • 90-day return window on fashion
  • Free shipping (standard)

Help with picking a store

Budget: Shopee, Lazada, Chotot, Aliexpress, Temu, and SHEIN offer budget-friendly options for bargain hunters, while Tiki and Amazon can be pricier depending on the specific items you seek.

Product Variety: Shopee and Lazada boast the widest variety across categories, while Tiki focuses on electronics and appliances, Chotot specializes in second-hand goods, SHEIN caters to fashion, and Aliexpress and Temu offer diverse options at low prices. Amazon International’s global selection is unparalleled.

Shipping and Delivery: Shopee and Lazada have well-established local delivery networks, while platforms like Aliexpress and Temu involve longer international shipping times. Tiki offers reliable deliveries, and Chotot arrangements depend on individual sellers. Amazon International’s presence is still developing its local infrastructure.

Customer Experience: Shopee and Lazada offer user-friendly interfaces and secure payment options. Aliexpress and Temu require navigating language barriers and research for quality assurance. Tiki excels in customer service, and Chotot requires extra caution due to its peer-to-peer nature. SHEIN’s fast-fashion cycle might require frequent returns.

Tips for shopping online in Vietnam

Read reviews and compare prices: Do your research to ensure you get the best deal and check product reviews to assess quality, especially on platforms with customer-to-customer models.

Beware of scams: Unfortunately, online scams exist. Be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true, and never share sensitive information with unverified sellers.

Check shipping and return policies: Before purchasing online, know how long delivery will take and what the return process entails.

Use secure payment methods: Stick to trusted payment gateways or payment methods with verified security measures.

Check customs and import duties: When shopping internationally, be aware of any potential local customs restrictions or import duties that might apply.