7 Best Online Shopping Sites in Peru (2024)

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Peru boasts a dynamic e-commerce scene, scaling the heights of diverse shopping experiences. From tech-savvy explorers seeking cutting-edge gadgets to budget-conscious foodies stocking up on groceries, these platforms offer a treasure trove of possibilities.

But navigating the landscape can be like exploring the Nazca Lines – intricate and expansive.

So, pack your llamas of comparison and join me on a journey to explore some of the best online shopping sites in Peru, helping you discover the perfect platform for your next shopping spree:

1. Aliexpress

Website: aliexpress.com

Category: International Marketplace

Embrace the thrill of bargain hunting with Aliexpress, your treasure trove of unbelievably low prices. This global platform connects you directly with Chinese sellers, offering an endless scroll of products across diverse categories.

Trendy fashion, quirky gadgets, and everyday essentials are all up for grabs, but remember, long shipping times and potential quality inconsistencies lie in wait. Research and reviews are your trusty hiking poles on this path.

2. Mercado Libre

Website: mercadolibre.com

Category: General Marketplace (Fashion, Electronics, Home Appliances, Groceries, etc.)

Mercado Libre reigns supreme as the king of e-commerce in Peru, offering a staggering variety of products across virtually every category imaginable.

Think of it as a vibrant market bursting with trendy clothes, cutting-edge smartphones, cozy alpaca blankets, and fresh produce. Its user-friendly interface, secure payment options, and reliable delivery network make it a one-stop shop for all your online shopping needs.

3. Amazon International

Website: amazon.com

Category: Global Marketplace (Vast Variety of Products)

While still climbing the Peruvian e-commerce peaks, Amazon’s global reach beckons adventurous shoppers.

Accessing Amazon through its international website opens doors to a near-infinite inventory, from top-selling electronics and designer brands to quirky international finds. My in-depth guide shows how to ship from Amazon US to Peru.

However, be prepared for potentially higher shipping costs and import duties when climbing this particular mountain.

4. Falabella

Website: falabella.com.pe

Category: General Marketplace (Fashion, Electronics, Home Appliances, etc.)

Falabella follows closely behind, offering a well-curated selection of high-quality products across diverse categories.

Think designer brands rubbing shoulders with everyday essentials, all presented with a focus on aesthetics and customer satisfaction.

Falabella offers convenient pickup stations in strategic locations, adding flexibility to the shopping experience.

5. Ripley Peru

Website: ripley.com.pe

Category: General Marketplace (Fashion, Electronics, Home Appliances, etc.)

Ripley Peru stands tall, offering a competitive alternative to Falabella and Mercado Libre. Its diverse product range spans various categories, with competitive pricing and frequent deals.

Ripley shines with its focus on reliable customer service and secure payment options, ensuring a smooth shopping journey.


Website: www.shein.com

Category: Fashion (Women’s Clothing, Accessories, Shoes)

Fashionistas, prepare to be dazzled! SHEIN is your runway to trendy and affordable clothing options. Catering primarily to women, SHEIN offers a dizzying array of styles, from casual everyday wear to glamorous fiesta outfits.

New arrivals appear constantly, and prices are notoriously budget-friendly. However, be mindful of potential sizing inconsistencies and the environmental impact of fast fashion.

7. Temu

Website: www.temu.com

Category: General Marketplace (Direct from Chinese Sellers)

A newcomer to the scene, Temu promises another exciting entry point for budget-conscious shoppers. Similar to Aliexpress, Temu connects you directly with Chinese sellers, offering a treasure chest of low-priced products across diverse categories.

Trendy finds, practical essentials, and quirky gadgets are all up for grabs at unbelievably low prices.

Remember, longer shipping times, potential quality inconsistencies, and navigating language barriers might come with the territory. Do your research and read reviews before diving into the Temu adventure.

What store to choose

Understanding your needs and preferences is key to choosing the right online shopping platform in Peru. Consider these factors:

Budget: Mercado Libre, Aliexpress, Temu, and SHEIN offer competitive prices for bargain hunters, while Falabella and Ripley Peru might be pricier depending on the specific items you seek. Amazon International caters to a broader range of budgets, but with potential import costs.

Product Variety: Mercado Libre and Falabella boast the widest variety across categories, while SHEIN focuses on fashion, Ripley Peru and Aliexpress offer diverse options, and Temu leans towards trendy and affordable finds. Amazon International’s global selection is unparalleled, but with potential import duties.

Shipping and Delivery: Mercado Libre, Falabella, and Ripley Peru have well-established local delivery networks, while platforms like Aliexpress and Temu involve longer international shipping times. Amazon International’s presence is still developing its local infrastructure.

Customer Experience: Mercado Libre, Falabella, and Ripley Peru offer user-friendly interfaces and secure payment options. Aliexpress and Temu require navigating language barriers and research for quality assurance. SHEIN’s fast-fashion cycle might require frequent returns.

Tips for shopping online from Peru

Read reviews and compare prices: Do your research to ensure you’re getting the best deal and check product reviews to assess quality.

Beware of scams: Unfortunately, online scams exist. Be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true, and never share sensitive information with unverified sellers.

Understand shipping and return policies: Know how long delivery will take and what the return process entails before making a purchase.

Utilize secure payment methods: Stick to trusted payment gateways to protect your financial information.

Stay informed about customs and import duties: When shopping internationally, be aware of any potential customs fees or import duties that might apply.