Mac OS Sierra – what’s new?

October 16, 2016

The macOS Sierra is the next-generation operating system from Mac. It was unveiled on June 13 at the Worldwide Developers Conference, and was released to the public on September 20. According to reports, Apple ditched the OS X name in favor of the macOS to bring it in line with their tvOS, watchOS, and iOS.

Since the macOS was announced, plenty of Apple users have been wondering what the new operating system brings to the table. Now that bit has been out for almost a month, we have some more information about the operating system we can share with you.

The main new feature the new Apple OS has is the Siri integration, which brings Apple’s highly rated personal assistant to the Mac for the very first time, which is similar to what Microsoft did with Cortana. Siri will offer Mac users the same functions that are available on iOs, and some new functions designed specifically for the Mac, like the ability to quickly search documents and files.

The macOS Sierra also allows you to pin Siri search results to the Notification Center or add them to your documents. Siri can also search through photos, initiate FaceTime calls, set reminders, as well as other functions.

In addition to having Siri on the macOS Sierra, computer vision and deep learning algorithms allow the In Photo app to recognize people, places, and things in images using facial and object recognition, which should be a lot of fun to test out.

The app uses the information to group images into smart collections, while enabling powerful search capabilities. There is a new memories tab that creates curated collections of past photos to bring back old memories, and a Places option for displaying all the photos you have on a world map.

You can also preview web content using the rich links in the messages section, and watch videos directly from the app. The macOS Sierra also supports iOS 10 features like Tapback and bigger emoji, which allow you to quickly respond to messages.

The Apple iTunes interface has also been updated on the new operating system and it has a simpler interface that allows you to browse through the music collection very easily.

The macOS Sierra also has some continuing features from the other Apple operating systems, and a new Auto Unlock feature for people that own Apple Watches. When an authenticated and locked Apple watch is in vicinity of a Mac, the watch unlocks automatically without having to use a password. There is also a Universal Keyboard feature that allows you to copy one thing from an Apple device and paste it in another Apple device.

These are some of the new features on the macOS Sierra, but there are a lot more neat things that can be done with the new operating system, so expect the demand for it to be very high.

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