A job application letter – know how to write it

At some point or other, you need to apply for jobs, be it as a fresher entering the workforce or an experienced professional seeking a change. And when you do, how to ensure getting an interview when you will be applying along with the multitudes who do the same for the position?

You can achieve this by writing a cover letter that sets you apart. This is because it is the job application letter that will introduce you to the employers and it would be an advantage to create a good impression.

The job application letter

A job application, also known as the cover letter, is usually sent along with the resume when applying for a job. Unlike the resume that talks about your previous work experience history and offers an outline of accomplishments and skills, a job application letter is more about explaining to the employers why you are the best fit for the said job.

Know the proper format, font, and length

Using fonts like Arial, Times New Roman or Calibri will make the letter look professional. The ideal font size is between 10 and 12 points. While it’s vital that you keep the letter brief, not more than one page, use of 1’ margins, single-spaced writing with a space between different paragraphs and left text alignment is also necessary to make the application letter look neat.

Things that should be there in it

Begin the letter with both you and employer’s contact details, date of application, followed by a polite greeting or salutation with the person’s last name. Next, proceed to the body of the letter, and in the first paragraph mention the job and where you saw its ad. The second section, the most crucial one, should include how and why you think you can be the right candidate for the job. And the last paragraph will be all about thanking the employer followed by a complimentary closing or signature with date.

Proofread the letter and edit where necessary

Once you’re done writing, it’s time for proofreading the job application letter thoroughly and minutely. An application letter full of grammatical or format error is the last thing you can want as it is sure to give a poor impression about you to the employers. Remember, the job letter should be brief and written in a way that can sell you as a potential candidate for the job position. Therefore, read the letter carefully, and edit the portions that seem necessary as a part of job application review process.

The first impression is not the last impression but is a lasting impression indeed. And since the job application letter is a primary piece of document that conveys your personality to show off your potential as a suitable employee, creating a proper version of it is crucial.  An error-free strategically written job application letter can do a lot in creating a positive impression on the employers which can prove to be helpful during the interview.