Irish pub Basel

January 23, 2022

Thinking about going to the Irish pub in Basel? Auld Dubliner was opened just for individuals being fond of the Irish culture and stuff related to it but cannot cross the English channel! Auld Dubliner is the best Irish pub tourists can find in Switzerland. Feel the unique atmosphere of Irish feasts and take rest.

Become a part of the Irish community in a pub Basel

Don’t book tickets to Ireland to get familiar with the country’s outstanding culture. Come to Basel and the place overwhelmed with Irish atmosphere will be within walking distance. Every tourist or resident of Basel will find this place without difficulties. Everything outside and indoors is steeped with uniqueness!

The first thing to notice is deep green and emerald hues boosting the building’s interior to the 80lvl. Splendid atmospheric colours aren’t the only features to grab visitors’ attention. Music, services, foods, drinks – everything makes visitors feel like they are in the Dublin downtown.

Talking about drinks diversities, our bar and pub is the undisputed local champion. Visitors lose breath when getting familiar with 14 unique variations of beer, featuring unique flavours, tastes, and smells. The collection of unique beer crafting recipes is one of the things making Auld Dubliner a long sight better than all local facilities pretending to boost the Irish spirit.

Beer degustation is the first step Auld Dubliner visitors take. Clients cannot leave without tasting unequalled whisky/ell sorts. Guinness stout is the absolute icing on the cake! People cannot say they know Irish culture if didn’t try this Irish people’s creation. Guinness stout is one of the best-rated national drinks worldwide.

The reason for popularity in bars is its deep dark colour and unusual dry flavour. Naturally, visitors like getting familiar with this product knowing its long and interesting history. The first time Guinness stout was crafted was in the brewery of Arthur Guinness at St. James’s Gate, Dublin, Ireland, 1759.

We cannot forget Halloween – one of the greatest days for people inhabiting British isles. Want to enjoy this feast in an authentic atmosphere? Auld Dubliner is waiting!

Enjoy free time with friends in a true Irish Basel pub

Tired of the exhausting job and want to enjoy a night out with friends? Basel sport fans of Ireland know the solution. We are busy people and it’s difficult to devote enough time to going to a stadium to watch the match of a favourite football or rugby team. Watching it at home is boring because you cannot feel all that hustle and upbeat atmosphere. Why don’t you visit Auld Dubliner to root for your favourite team? A few mugs of beer or ell will assist you and your friends in creating a stadium-like atmosphere!

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