Introducing the Finest of Watch Brands

We express ourselves through a variety of mediums: our facial expressions, the language we use, our tone of voice, the way we move our bodies, and by our clothes and style choices. 90% of communication is non-verbal, and so even the finer of details can give an observer clear insight into what we are all about.

It’s a wake-up call to how much attention we should pay to the finer details about our being.

Success and wellbeing are attractive traits to replicate and display, after all, they are earned through hard work and efficiency, and through the ability to manage oneself through the trials and tribulations of life while accomplishing goals.

Luxury brands epitomize what it is to be successful. They are an outward but often subtle sign of achievement, and they provoke a collective appreciation of what is valued within society: quality, craftsmanship, and style.

These are the very reasons how Bucherer have remained the leaders of luxury watch retailers. Their meticulous attention to detail complements the fastidious design and artisan quality of the luxury watches that they sell.

Founded in 1888 in Lucerne, Switzerland, Bucherer quickly established itself as a creator of watches that were not only engineered for accuracy but were classically designed with the finesses of a fine jeweler. Nowadays, the success of Bucherer is far-reaching; they have acquired the UK’s The Watch Gallery and Tourneau in the United States to provide clients across the globe with the same passion and quality goods on which they built their European reputation.

The luxury watches that are on offer come from varied collections, but all combine a rich sense of heritage with the latest innovations. There are watches which will complement and embellish any personal style. The awe-inspiring Rolex brand is synonymous with being a statement of success, and is insurmountably fashionable without being trendy: it’s an accessory that speaks volumes.

TAG Heuer is lauded for its technical innovations within the luxury watch market. Its watches were the first to be able to measure 1/100th of a second, and since this development in 1916, it has become a firm favorite for sports timings. Its accuracy is legendary; a TAG Heuer was one of the first watches in space!

Bucherer has brought to you the very best of Swiss timepieces that there are to offer, with the traditional engineering skills having been advanced to create beautiful designs that are both modern and classic. Hublot is a prime example of a brand that has pushed through the boundaries of watchmaking and exploited the differences between tradition and futuristic to create watches that combine different materials for maximum impact. Click here to see the awe-inspiring Hublot collection.