Ideas For Making Your Next Housewarming Party Hassle-Free

Moving into a new home is a very exciting time in your life. You’re in a different location and are ready to make new memories with your family. One way to start doing this is to throw a housewarming party.

You may be hesitating because of all the work that goes into these events, but keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be a difficult process for this type of occasion. Find ways to make it easy on yourself by using methods that are simple yet attractive to guests. Focus on the main elements and don’t sweat the small details.

Hire A Cleaning Lady

It’s only natural that you’ll be freaking out about getting all of your items in order before everyone arrives. While it’s good to have a tidy home, you need to remember that you just moved in and people will understand this fact. Get rid of the dirt and dust by hiring a cleaner to come in and wipe down the place for you right before the party. It is also a great way to give yourself a break and still get your house looking the way you want it.

Communicate the Details Online

Make this event easy on yourself by sending out invitations electronically. This way you don’t have to waste money or time printing and mailing individual invitations. Know that it’s also likely guests will be asking and inquiring about bringing gifts. Luckily it’s easy with an online solution like It’s a convenient process that reduces stress, saves time and is easy to access. This way you’ll also get what you want and not a bunch of random house gifts.

Host in the Summertime & Grill

Time of year makes a big difference in everyone’s moods and ease of throwing a party. Do so in the summer, and you’ll enjoy the event a lot more. This way people can be outside on the patio, playing yard games and mingling in their favorite shorts and sundresses. It also gives you and your spouse the opportunity to have a BBQ and grill up a variety of meat outdoors and feed your guests seamlessly. The meal will be easy once you throw together or buy a couple of sides to go with the main course.

Ask Guests to Bring A Drink to Share

Offer to feed your guests, but ask that they bring drinks to share. It will be hassle-free for you because you won’t be guessing what everyone likes to drink. It’ll also save you money because you’ll be spending a lot already as the host. People shouldn’t mind chipping in this way because it’s such a small detail and then they know their favorite beverage will be present at the party.


Don’t think housewarming and immediately assume “stressful.” Consider it a fun event that can be simple and sophisticated when you mindfully plan. Enjoy the hassle-free outcome and being with your friends and family during this very special time in your life.