How to enjoy the outside world while not being able to get outside

February 16, 2021

We all love to go exploring around the world, but those little things like time and money often get in the way. With that in mind, here are some of the ways you can explore the joys of the outside world while staying firmly indoors.

Watch sport for the scenery

Many people watch sport for the high adrenaline battles between the athletes who are pushing themselves to the very limits of what is humanly possible. Another great reason to watch sport is to get a glimpse of the beautiful surroundings they’re playing this sport in. Athletes are incredibly lucky as they are paid to travel to some of the most picturesque parts of the world to compete. A great example of this is the Tour De France. If you watch live cycling competitions, many of which you can now stream online on betting websites, you’ll be able to see stunning shots of them riding along some beautiful streets across this country. The wide helicopter shots of the pack going by shows you the stunning architecture and natural beauty of the country from an angle that very few people get to see. 

Explore on Google Maps

Many people simply use Google Maps to plan their journey once they leave the house. If you get lost or need to find your nearest store or restaurant when you’re in a new city, the mobile phone app is even a great way of helping you find your place in the city again. Even if you’re not planning on leaving the house, Google Maps and Google Earth are great ways to explore a city without having to step into it. Over the last few years, Google has spent a lot of time and money taking high-quality and highly detailed pictures of every part of every street in many countries around the world. That means you can virtually walk around some of the most sought-after travel destinations and be able to see everything you would while standing on the busy streets. You can even explore places like The Colosseum and The Palace of Versailles in a lot more detail than you would be in the flesh, as many destinations gave Google special access to places that are normally shut off to the public.  

Find a video online

Of course, it’s not just the sights that make us love the outdoors so much. It’s all of the senses working together. Nothing tops the smell of freshly cut grass or the salty sea for nature lovers. While you can’t replicate smells online, you can replicate a place’s sounds by finding a video of it on a website like YouTube. Many people have filmed long videos of just the people and the tourists of the city walking by during a normal day. While this might not be exciting, if you make yourself a coffee and imagine you’re in a street café in your favorite city, those familiar sounds will bring a smile to your face.

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