How to Create Your Signature Look

Where’s the fun in looking like everybody else? The only person that you should be resolving to look like is you! However, to do this, you have to create for yourself a signature look that sets you apart from the crowd and gives you an individual style personality.

How is this done today, a time where everybody wants to look unique? Below are three pieces of handy advice for what you can be doing to give your style the makeover it needs to be a signature of your personality and a portrayal of you.

Work around your body type, not somebody else’s

The biggest misconception in the world of beauty and fashion is that people believe they are not beautiful or stylish enough because the things that look good on somebody else doesn’t look good on them. This is a misconception because, in order to be you, which is the most beautiful person you can be, you have to work around your body type and never somebody else’s. It means that you have to take your height, weight and shape into account when buying clothes and that you have to resolve never to convince yourself that you should be afforded the chance to wear everything.

However, with this in mind, it is still okay to take style inspiration from the clothing models or social media personalities that you see in life and online, as this can lead you to stumble across a certain style that works for you that you wouldn’t have come across otherwise.

Don’t be afraid to re-wear

Whether it’s because they always look good or because they’re always comfortable, everybody has a collection of clothes that they consider to be their go-to pieces. If you want to create a signature look for yourself, then you should wear your favourite clothes regularly. You shouldn’t be afraid to re-wear! Doing this will help others to identify you, and that’s the result you should be going for when seeking to find a signature style.

To keep your style fresh during the process of re-wearing, you should mix and match with different accessories.

Make use of a ‘signature item’

If you truly want to forge a reputation for your style, then making use of a ‘signature item’ is a must. It could be a shade of lipstick, a pair of memorable womens glasses, a style of hat, or a kind of recognisable footwear. Whatever your favourite kind of item is to wear, wear it! Doing so will help yourself always to be associated with the signature style that you are going for.

If you want to show off your best self by creating a signature look for yourself, go ahead and do it. When you do, just remember to adhere to your body type, make sure never to fear re-wearing your favourite garments, and remember to wear a ‘signature item’ with pride. When you do all of this, you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.