A Guide to Making Your Business More Reliable

August 30, 2017

As a business owner, you want your company to be successful and achieve everything you wanted when you first set it up. You not only want it to be profitable but also have a good reputation and have loyal customers. One of the things that can jeopardize this is for your company is to be unreliable with orders or payments.

If your company starts to become unreliable, you will soon start to lose clients and suppliers. You will also see customers leaving your brand in favor of others. To stop this from happening, there are ways you can try to ensure your company stays reliable.

Multi-Skilled Staff

If you have a workforce of people that are trained only to do their jobs, you could quickly run into problems if one person decided to leave or was off work for a while. Although no-one wants to do training, you should ensure that all your job roles are known by at least two people. That way, you will have cover if something were to happen, and you would still be able to process orders.

Make Sure all Your Systems are Backed Up

Just like your computers at home, your systems at work can become unreliable if they are not maintained regularly. One part of the preventative strategy you should employ is making sure all your systems data is backed up.

Some companies back up their data daily, which is a good idea if you are processing a lot of transactions. Smaller companies could probably do every other day without too many problems.

Keep Your Hardware Up to Date

Along with your software, you should also keep your hardware up to date to prevent failures in your system. As your computers get older, they will need to be upgraded to keep up with new software. This may include upgrading the computer memory through companies like Offtek, or changing hard drives to prevent failures.

Another way to protect your data is to have an array of hard drives that all store a part of your system. By doing this, you won’t lose your data if one of the drives were to fail. Solid state drives or SSD’s can be more reliable than traditional drives because they have no moving parts.

Use the Cloud

More companies are now turning to the cloud to store all their information and share software and data. Having all the data available to everyone from the cloud means that if one computer was to fail, you could still access data from the others.

You would still need to make sure your company computers were properly maintained, however, there would be less need for regular software updates on your computers because the latest version would be stored online.

It would also mean less wear and tear on your computers. For this type of system to work, you need to have a fast and reliable internet connection, or you will be unable to link up effectively.

If you use these strategies to keep your systems and workforce reliable, you can ensure that your company stays reliable as well.

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