The Five Steps Every Community Party Needs to Be a Success

February 8, 2018

Community parties are hosted for so many different reasons. They could be hosted to celebrate something, like a college graduation, it could be used to fundraise for a worthy cause, or it could just be your neighborhood’s way of celebrating the 4th of July. Whatever reason you want to host a community event, you need to plan it right and budget appropriately. You need to get your neighbors involved, you need to get local businesses interested, and you need to get the community excited. For a successful community party, follow this guide:

  • Decide on the Theme and the Purpose

A local block party or community party can really bring you and your neighbors together. You can throw one when you first move in, to celebrate something like the 4th of July, and so on. Choosing a theme and the purpose is the first step, as this is when you will do the bulk of the organizing that you can then use to get volunteers and even funding if you need it.

  • Getting the Permissions and Funding You Need

Getting a city permit to throw your block party is necessary in some cities, however it is typically free to obtain). Contact your local representative to ensure your block party is legal and won’t be broken up too early. Once you have that, it’s time to find the funding. You could liaison with your neighbors to see what they have on hand that they can bring to the party, or, if you regularly host parties that your community loves, you could even ask for a contribution towards party rental equipment from Fun Crew USA. For the kids, think large bounce houses, and for the adults you could hire extreme attractions like a zorb track. With ideas like this, who could refuse?

  • Finding Volunteers

Neighbors love to get to know each other, but not everyone has the time nor the energy to help volunteer. That is why you should start with your friends, and work from there. Go around and ask how each neighbor could contribute, whether it’s offering up a few fold-out chairs or a table, or if they wouldn’t mind bringing some food for everyone. The more enthusiastic will be more than eager to help you organize and host, but let them decide.

  • Food and Drink for All

When it comes to any successful block or community party, food and drink are required. A great way to feed a huge crowd like this is to encourage everyone to bring either something to eat or drink with them. Have a barbecue and coolers to cook with or keep drinks cold. This will allow everyone to eat as much as they can without any one person spending a small fortune on the food. For ultimate success, however, organize with everyone so that you don’t get an overabundance of desserts, for instance, and instead a nice spread of options.

Community events can really set your neighborhood apart from everywhere else. So bring the families together with street parties, community barbeques, community parties, and so much more. It’s a great way to make friends, strengthen bonds, and just enjoy where you live.

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