Facebook Launchs an Events App

October 16, 2016

Facebook has been a trendsetter when it comes to social media, and a prominent part of it is the Facebook Event, which announces social gatherings that people can attend around the world. If you are one of the millions of people that use Facebook Event, the company has announced a new app that will make it easier for you to RSVP events called Events by Facebook.

Events by Facebook is a standalone version of the Facebook Event, however, it is only currently available on Apple’s iOS, but Facebook announced it will soon be available on Android.

The new app is aimed at the most active and detail oriented users of Facebook, but for those who aren’t as active, the events tab will still appear on their Facebook profiles, keeping them in the loop about events occurring near them.

According to reports, the app will highlight events that Facebook users and their friends have expressed interest in, as well as events announced by pages that users like. It will also announce any updates to events you have expressed interest in, keeping you up to date.

First time users of the new app will be asked about their preferences when it comes to theater, dining out, night life, art, music, games, and a lot more categories, which will allow the app to come up with the best options based on the choices you make.

You can skim through the recommendations made by either scrolling up and down on the screen or you can search by date, location, or category. By clicking on an event, you can get more details about it, including any updates, pictures and discussions about the event.

Every action you take on the app is visible to your Facebook followers, which according to the product manager Aditya Koolwal, allows your friends to see what events you’re interested in even if they don’t have the app.

Koolwal said the app also syncs with your personal calendar, which makes it easier to see if you have any meetings scheduled, if you have to meet up with friends for drinks, or have to go to one of your kids’ events. The app also allows you to track upcoming Facebook-based events and see which one of your friends and family are attending the event.

Over the summer, Facebook also launched an employee-curated “featured events,” which allows users in 10 cities to discover local happenings chosen by real people. While Facebook makes suggestions for popular events in your network, those suggestions are made by a computer algorithm. The feature evets however, are hand-picked by humans.

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