Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home This Summer

As summer approaches, one of the things we start to think about is our home décor and any changes we want to make. After a long grey winter, it’s a great idea to refresh your home, making it somewhere you can relax, entertain, and get excited about again. Here are some great ideas on easy ways you can refresh your home ready for summertime.


Painting your walls is an easy way to brighten the room. Newly painted walls look clean and fresh but take minimum effort. Try to stick to light colours for maximum effect.

Let Some Air In

The easiest way to refresh your home for summer is to let summer in. Open your blinds and curtains as much as possible to make the most of the extra natural light. This not only makes your room brighter but it will also improve your mood and help wake you up in the morning. Then, open your windows as often as you can, or at least some part of every day. Opening your windows will instantly make your home smell and feel fresher. If you’ve got high up windows you struggle to open, installing actuators or openers from Teal Products could be a great help.


Changing your home’s accessories or adding some extras can be an easy way to make your décor look totally different. Some cool ideas include cushions, throws, blankets, wall hangings, artwork, shelving, ornaments and photo frames. If you are on a budget check out some things you could create yourself.


Decluttering your home can make it look better, decrease your stress levels, and make it safer. Work in one room at a time and have a big clear out. Throw away, sell, or donate anything you don’t need or want. You could even try the Marie Kondo method of getting rid of everything that doesn’t bring you joy. Then, make sure anything you’ve got left has a home and is kept neatly.

Spring Clean

Once you’ve decluttered and everything is tidy, get cleaning. Again, work room to room starting at the top and working down to the floors. Clean everything, especially those hard to reach or difficult jobs you rarely do. This will make your home look and smell better, improve the atmosphere, and make you feel great.

Don’t Forget the Garden

With summer approaching, you’re bound to be using your garden more so don’t forget about it. Again, start with a declutter and a clean. Then, make any repairs that need doing before planting, adding decorations, and buying any new furniture or accessories you need.

Even on a small budget, there are great ways to make some small changes to your home. Summer is the ideal time as you don’t have to worry about the weather and you may have some extra free time. A great way to start is to walk around your home making a list of everything you would like to get done this year. Then, set yourself a budget and prioritise before getting started.