Does Aliexpress Ship to Lebanon? (How-To)

AliExpress, the global marketplace, is full of bargains, but does it ship to Lebanon? This how-to guide provides an overview of ordering from Aliexpress to Lebanon with international delivery.

We will cover:

  • Shipping options and estimated delivery times (prepare for a wait, but the savings might be worth it!)
  • Potential import fees (know what to expect to avoid sticker shock)
  • Returns (because sometimes things don't go as planned)

Does AliExpress Ship to Lebanon?

Yes, AliExpress offers International shipping to Lebanon through various shipping methods, including AliExpress Standard, Premium Shipping, and other third-party couriers. However, it’s important to note that not all products and sellers on AliExpress offer shipping to Lebanon.

When purchasing from AliExpress and shipping, buyers should consider delivery restrictions, weight limitations, local customs regulations, and country-specific restrictions.

How to ship Aliexpress to Lebanon

Step 1: Access Aliexpress (international website)

Step 2: Update Your Shipping Location

On Desktop: Find the country selection in the top-right panel beside the search bar and update it to Lebanon. On Mobile: Click the mobile menu and select “Ship to,” then update your shipping location to Lebanon.
aliexpress Lebanon - select address

Step 3: Confirm International Shipping Eligibility

Navigate to your desired product and review the available shipping options.

The product info page will show shipping details if the product is eligible for international shipping to Lebanon. If there are no shipping options, the product may not be eligible for delivery to Lebanon.
aliexpress Lebanon eligible product

In addition to product eligibility, consider shipping costs, delivery times, restrictions, import duties, and their returns policy.

Shipping Overview

AliExpress offers multiple shipping options catering to various budgets and preferences.

Shipping methods

AliExpress Standard Shipping: This is a reliable option with decent tracking and relatively fast delivery times at an affordable cost. (this method may be included for free for some orders)

AliExpress Premium Shipping: This option prioritizes speed with reliable delivery times in under 15 days. However, it comes with a higher cost compared to other methods.

Cainiao: This option is budget-friendly with limited tracking and is often included for free.

DHL/FedEx/UPS: Great for urgent needs but with premium prices.

Delivery estimates

MethodDelivery timeTracking
AliExpress Standard Shipping15-45 daysYes
AliExpress Premium Shipping7-14 daysYes
Cainiao20-50 daysYes
Courier3-10 daysYes

Refer to the particular product details for additional delivery alternatives and estimates of shipping costs.

*The shipping details provided here are sourced from Aliexpress and could be outdated. Verify the latest rates/delivery times on their official website.

Shipping Restrictions

When shipping items from AliExpress, be aware of potential restrictions that may apply to specific products.

This includes size limitations and local customs rules that may affect the delivery of certain items.

Certain products on the platform may already be deemed ineligible for shipping, but others may require further research to determine their import eligibility.

Check with the local customs office or consult Lebanon import restrictions for information on prohibited or restricted items.

Import Duties

AliExpress does not pre-collect or estimate import duties and VAT for international orders.

This means the initial purchase price you see on AliExpress does not include import charges, and you may be responsible for paying them upon the arrival of your package.

Postal and courier services usually inform you when your package arrives and if any import fees are due. You can pay these fees directly to the postal service or courier before delivery.

Check if Lebanon imposes import duties on imported items to avoid surprises upon arrival.


AliExpress typically offers a return timeframe of 15 days after the order is delivered when using international shipping.

You can initiate a dispute and request a return directly on the AliExpress platform through "My Orders" and by following the "Open Dispute" button.

Some items on AliExpress may be non-returnable, such as customized products.

Check the seller's return policy for the item you're considering purchasing, which can be found on the product page under "Shipping & Returns."

Aliexpress offers returns to Lebanon; check their FAQ section on returning products for more details.

Pros & Cons of Shopping on Aliexpress


Cost: This is the biggest draw for most people. AliExpress operates as a marketplace with numerous sellers vying for your business, leading to fierce competition and meager prices on many items.

Variety: You'll be hard-pressed to find a more comprehensive selection of products anywhere else.

Direct from Manufacturers: You can often buy directly from manufacturers or wholesalers on AliExpress, cutting out the middleman and potentially scoring even better deals.

No Minimum Orders: Unlike some wholesalers, AliExpress sellers typically don't require minimum order quantities. This makes it a great option for small purchases and trying out new items without committing to large quantities.

Buyer Protection: AliExpress offers a buyer protection program that helps mitigate the risk of scams and ensures you receive a refund if the item doesn't arrive or match the description.


Shipping Times: Since most items ship from China, expect waiting times to range from a few weeks to several months, depending on the shipping method chosen.

Quality Variability: The large number of sellers leads to varying quality levels. It's crucial to research, read reviews, and choose reputable sellers to avoid buying something that doesn't meet your standards.

Potential Counterfeits: Be wary of deals that seem too good to be true. Some sellers may offer counterfeit or knock-off products. Stick to well-known brands and sellers with good feedback to avoid this.

Customer Support: Customer support may not be as readily available or helpful as established retailers, especially when dealing with language barriers. Resolving issues can sometimes be a lengthy process.

Hidden Costs: Watch out for hidden costs such as customs fees and taxes, which can accumulate, particularly for more costly orders.


Is it safe to buy from AliExpress?

If you take precautions, buying from the AliExpress international website is generally safe. Choose sellers with strong ratings and reviews, read descriptions carefully, and use secure payment methods like PayPal or credit cards with buyer protection. Be mindful of longer shipping times and potential customs fees.

Disclaimer – does not represent Aliexpress or it's affiliated websites; check their latest rates, services, terms, and delivery times on their official website.

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