DIY Clothing Hacks That Don’t Require Sewing

January 7, 2018

Fashion allows you to get really creative. There are a lot of tutorials and tricks on creating your own chic fashion pieces for different occasions. Of course, you need to have the right skills to take on these projects, sewing being one of those skills to have.

What if you can’t sew? Worry not, because there are also a lot of great clothing hacks you can try that don’t require sewing. We are going to look into some of the best ones to try in this article.

Playing with Hem Tape

Hem tape is a fantastic accessory to have if you want to get into DIY fashion projects without having to sew. A hem tape is mainly designed to make hems – as the name suggests – but you can also use it for other DIY things.

What you do is place the hem tape between two fabrics and iron it on to join the two layers together. It is an easy and straightforward solution to some fashion mishaps as well as for interesting DIY projects that will spice up your looks.

One of the easier ones to try is turning an old T-shirt into a cardigan. Cut the middle of the t-shirt to turn it into a cardigan, and then use the hem tape to create hems on both sides. This is a project that you can complete in a few minutes.

Spice Up Your Old (or New) Denims

There is a lot you can do with a pair of jeans, but my favorite thing to try is creating that classic ripped and distressed look. It is an easy DIY fashion project to try too. All you need is a pair of scissors – or anything sharp – along with some sandpaper and bleach.

Creating the ripped look is easy; this guide from DIY Experience is a great place to start. You need to create cuts in several parts and then wash the pair of jeans – using a washing machine at maximum speed – to complete the project. Hand-washing them works too, but a washing machine often produces a better result.

Distressing the jeans is just as easy. You can add a teaspoon of bleach to hot water to start with creating that distressed look. You can also use abrasive tools such as sandpaper to add scruffs and marks in different areas. Finish it off by washing and drying the pair of jeans in a higher-than-usual temperature.

Add Lace

We are back to using the hem tape again, but this time it’s for adding accents to different fashion items to achieve different looks. That pair of ripped jeans you just made, for example, can be made to look sleeker by adding lace to the ripped parts. Just cut the lace to size and apply the hem tape around it.

Lace is also great for spicing up shirts and various fashion accessories. You also have plenty of different patterns and colors to choose from, giving you complete creative freedom and a fun time completing the DIY fashion project.

These hacks can be completed without having to sew anything. If you’re ready to take on more advanced projects and do a little bit of sewing, be sure to check out our other fashion hacks and DIY projects here on Joy of Creating.

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