Crossfit Workout Training Benefits

September 20, 2016

Over the past decade, the biggest fitness program to hit the industry is a California-based program that emphasizes Olympic weightlifting and interval training. The program, which is known as CrossFit, is an excellent way to get in shape while using various workout techniques. If you are new to the CrossFit program or just want to learn more about it, here are some of the benefits of the program.

Short but Intense

A problem people have with working out is the amount of time they have to spend in the gym. The CrossFit program is a fast paced program that takes less than 15 minutes, but be warned that the 15 minutes requires non-stop movement. At the end of the workout, you will feel the effects, but it also means you did it right.

It Keeps You Motivated

One thing about regular workouts is that you can cheat a little with your reps or by taking long breaks. CrossFit is the opposite of that because cheating is difficult when you are required to be constantly exercising for the full 15 minutes. Since it doesn’t require you to spend as much time in the gym, and results are very quick, it helps motivate people who would probably have given up on working out if they have to spend a lot of time in the gym.

Very Time Efficient

Since CrossFit only requires 15 minutes of your time, it’s difficult to make excuses not to do it. The 15 minutes required is something that anyone can do, even the busiest people. Since you burn more calories than you would doing a regular workout, it is a very convenient program.

Personal Coaches

Every CrossFit class is led by a professional coach to make sure you do things properly. The coaches provide encouragement, motivation, and also direct you when they see that you aren’t doing things properly or aren’t giving your best effort.

Improved Health

While most workout programs improve your general health, CrossFit was designed to focus on all the major domains like coordination, strength, stamina, speed, power, balance, and endurance. CrossFit achieves this by promoting hormonal and neurological adaptations in the body. The combination of movements lead to a transformation in your quality of life.

Healthier Heart

While working out using the CrossFit program, your heart rate is elevated, and your endurance increases. According to Data from an American Council on Exercise study, the heart rates of participants were at 90 percent of the maximum heart rate.Medical guidelines suggest a maximum heart rate of 64 to 94 percent to improve your cardio endurance.

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