Creating The Best Food Packaging For Your Business

September 19, 2021

Whether you run a chain restaurant offering home deliveries, a local café offering food for on the go or work in a neighbourhood favourite takeaway, you will need to get your hands on the best packaging. As well as having to get your customer orders from A to B without any spillages or poor presentation, your food packaging will establish your customers’ first impression of your brand so appearance counts. We’ve pulled together some of the key things to consider when you’re deciding on the best takeaway packaging for the nature of your business, so you can find the perfect solution without breaking the bank.

Keep varieties to a minimum

Especially for larger menus, it can be easy to get caried away with the number of packaging types you buy. Although it is great to have the perfect fit for each and every dish, it can be a storage nightmare and quickly get confusing when multiple members of staff are involved. Finding versatile packaging options which can be used for various dishes will make operations much easier, with sizes that can work for starters, side dishes and desserts for example. As well as main dishes, try smaller pots for condiments and sauces instead of pouring them into main meals and risking soggy food or unwanted spillages.

Maintain hygiene measures

The food industry requires a lot of health and safety measures to prevent the risk of any mishaps. With hygiene being of importance, taking steps to ensure food is arriving to customers in a safe manner is paramount to avoid any legal issues. Find packaging which can be carefully sealed to prevent external contaminants from entering, such as dust or human hands, so your customers do not need to have concerns about germs in their food. As well as keeping food hygienic, effective storage means the risk of spillages are minimised during both the journey and on arrival. 

Keep your food warm

Once a takeaway has arrived at your house, there is nothing worse than tucking into food that feels stale and cold. Especially for businesses who deliver to a wider area, keeping hot food warm and cold food cool is a big challenge, effecting their customers perception of their business and losing quality. High quality food packaging will be insulated with this problem in mind, helping you deliver fresh food that meets expectations every time. To keep temperatures consistent, try to keep cold and warm food/ drink separate during transit.

Maintain your appearance

Your packaging is the first thing a customer will see so ensure you make a good first impression with your presentation. As well as the practical aspects, try to maintain a consistent appearance for a tidy and professional feel, representing your brand image. For dishes with multiple different parts, opting for containers with different sections will avoid the parts getting mixed together and looking unappealing on arrival after a car journey. To take presentation one step further, look into printing your brand name and logo onto your packaging to increase brand recognition.

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