How to Create Extra Seating in Small Spaces

One of the most common issues people have about their homes is that they don’t have enough space. Whether it is space for storage, food preparation, or for entertaining it can be very frustrating to always feel as though there isn’t enough. If you’re the type that loves to entertain, then a big issue is having ample seating for your guests.

So how exactly can you create extra seating in small spaces that don’t leave the room feeling overcrowded and busy? Here are some great tips you can use.

Turn Your Heater into Seating

If your radiator just kind of blends into the background, it’s time to take notice of it and consider how it may become extremely useful in your space. Why not convert that radiator into a multifunctional piece by transforming it into bench seating? The bench radiator from will take that standard-sized horizontal column radiator and add a wooden bench top. You can purchase both the radiator and the bench slab.

This slab can act as seating or even a table/shelving space if needed. Not only that, it also adds a great design element to your room.

Purchase a Few Folding Chairs

If the idea of folding chairs makes you cringe a little then it’s time to change how you view them. Today, you can find some very stylish and trendy-looking folding chairs that can act as the perfect solution to your seating problems. Because these chairs fold flat, they can easily be stored under a bed, in a closet, or even under a couch.

Nesting Table and Stools

Creating extra seating in small spaces is all about being creative and finding ways that one item can work in multiple ways. A nesting coffee table with stools is an excellent example. The stools tuck away under the table when not in use so as not to take up extra space. When they are being used, the stools aren’t big and bulky, which means you can move them around the room with ease.

Oversized Pillows for the Floor

Sure, floor seating isn’t exactly glamorous, but you can dress it up. Pick up a few oversized puffy pillows that are large enough to sit on comfortably. You can toss them around the floor space when needed, giving guests a comfy place to hang out. If you want to make floor seating look a bit more stylish, you can place the pillows around a coffee table. It then becomes a design feature instead of just pillows thrown on the floor. To make it feel cosier, you can also place a large rug on the floor.

Don’t Be a Slave to Space Issues

Just because you live in a small space doesn’t mean you have to cut back on entertaining. Instead, it’s time to use your imagination and get creative in the types of seating you use. With just a little thought and proper placement, you can create quite a bit of extra seating in your small space.