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Things to Never Forget When Traveling with a Chronic Illness

May 23, 2018

Traveling can add joy and satisfaction to life as well as become a lifestyle and way of life for many. However, if you or a loved one is struggling with a chronic illness, you may not be able to travel as frequently as want.

Although it may feel like a setback, this shouldn’t stop you from traveling if you need to, it just means you’d need to put more preparation in beforehand. This is imperative in order to ensure you’re able to reduce the amount of stress you may face and ensure there aren’t complications along the way. In light of this, you’re going to find a few tips on things to never forget when traveling with a chronic illness.

Pretravel Consultation

Before traveling, it’s imperative that you get the go-ahead from a health professional if you have a chronic illness. This is important in order to ensure the management of your health is optimized before and during the time of your travels. It may also be a good idea to bring a doctor’s certificate along detailing your medical history just in case of an emergency. Additionally, four to six-week pretravel counseling should also be considered to make sure that your healthcare provider can give adequate counseling as well as any immunizations that may be needed. By doing this as early as possible, you’re more likely to be able to floor any concerns ahead of time. You can also express any worries or concerns that you have to reduce any feelings of worry or anxiety.

Health Care Arrangements

When traveling with a chronic illness, it’s key that you make health care arrangements beforehand. This means ensuring you make adequate travel arrangements that are suitable for your condition. You could, for instance, consider Flying Angels if you want non-emergency medical transport. This would mean you’d get a dedicated flight coordinator while your flight nurse attends to any needs that you have throughout the duration of your flight. It is an alternative to air ambulance services which utilizes commercial airlines meaning it is relatively cost-effective as well. Choosing this option could mean all of your in-flight healthcare needs are taken care of leaving you with less to worry about.


This may seem like an obvious one, however, taking all of your medication along when traveling is key. Ideally, you should have enough to last the duration of your stay and extra in case of an emergency. It’s also critical to remember to bring any appropriate medical supplies you may need such as an oxygen machine, accompanying tubing, charging equipment, power chords, and adapters. You should also familiarize yourself with the local healthcare providers at your destination just in case you need urgent treatment.

A chronic illness may be a difficult thing, but it doesn’t have to be the end of life. If well managed, you should still be able to do things like travel if need be. Hopefully, next time you’re planning a trip, you’ll remember these three tips.


7 Best Honeymoon Destinations in the World

May 22, 2018

No doubt, finding the honeymoon destination can be a daunting task. Some couples want to enjoy sightseeing, some wish to relax on an exotic beach, and some want to have an adventurous experience. Also, the world is full of amazing places, and one has to ponder much in order to select a perfect place. The vital point is honeymoon should be stress-free.

Well, if you are among those couples who have recently got married and looking for best honeymoon destinations in the world, then you have undoubtedly landed at the right place. Listed below are some of amazing as well as spectacular places on the planet where you can count on enjoying your honeymoon.

Essential point

Before you jump on the first destination, make sure you set a budget as you would surely not like to blow your bank account. Also, it is important to explore some sites such as Holidayshub.Com where you can find the free as well as complete travel information. Now, get ready to begin the journey of finding best honeymoon destinations.

Fiji Islands

The paradise on earth! Fiji islands have such an exotic beauty, which can’t be kept into words. Featuring rugged cliffs, swaying palm trees and awe-inspiring views of the island, this place will surely spellbind you with its amazing charm.  


It is one of the best destinations for couples in Asia. This place features incredible white sand beaches, exotic restaurants, beautiful cultural temples, luxurious resorts and much more. You can enjoy a wide array of water sports activities.


It is famous honeymoon destination as this place offers tropical experience. If you are looking for fantastic beach resorts and surfing spots, then you must count in this place. Hana road, Mauna Kea, Pearl harbour are some of the romantic places that you should not miss.


If you want a memorable Mediterranean honeymoon, then Crete in Greece is the perfect place for you. It features sun-drenched beaches, amazing mountains, striking fishing villages and more. Make sure you explore Chrissi island, Chania old town, Agios Nikolaos, and Samaria Gorge.


From astonishing green space to outstanding skyscrapers, this fabulous sightseeing place features a mélange of ethnic enclaves. Try visiting in July – September, if you want to spend quality time with your better half.


It features white sand beaches and is prominent for its thrilling nightlife. Vizcaya Museum, South Beach, Art deco district are some of the awesome romantic places in Miami. Try visiting here from March to May.


If you are among those who would like to give a visual treat to your spouse, then Amalfi Coast in Italy should be your honeymoon destination. It features crystal blue water, cozy towns, and breathtaking views.

There are many more stunning honeymoon destinations, but these are the best places where you can think of spending quality time with your spouse. So, now you have a broad list of places, and you just have to pick the one, contact a travel agent, pack your bags and set off for a majestic honeymoon destination.


Motorhome Hotspots to Visit

March 19, 2018

What is your attitude towards a staycation? Do you take to the air and holiday on foreign soil, or do you prefer to embrace the beauty of Britain? As we witness the rise of the staycation for a lot of Brits, motorhome and campervan owners are way ahead of the game. They’ve been doing it for years. It’s an opportunity to take your ‘home’ on wheels to any location you wish – and the beauty of it? You aren’t squashed into a small tent with the rest of your family, and if it rains…it doesn’t matter because you have a roof over your head.

Owners of motorhomes and caravans have the free run of the road, and they aren’t restricting to just holidaying on home soil. You can enjoy the open road and take your wheels all over the world – and with the latest VW Trailer Assist, it’s never been easier. Manoeuvring with a trailer no longer has to be a test of your patience. Instead, allow the Trailer Assist system to do the work for you. As long as you set the system up by selecting reverse gear, press the parking aid button and use the mirror adjustment switch to set the direction in which the trailer should be steered – your car will now steer automatically while you just need to take care of changing gear, accelerating and braking. It’s as simple as that.

With so many great places in the UK, and abroad, how do you decide where to visit and set up camp with your little home on wheels? Just as motorhomes range from basic campervans and trailers to those RVs that are so fancy they give us weep-inducing envy, so do motorhome campsites – from basic wild camping sites and family holiday parks to swish sites with pools or hot tubs, and sites settled into or next to forests, mountains, beaches and lakes. VW dealership, Vindis explore what’s available:

Fields End Water Caravan Park, Lodges & Fishery

Looking for adults only? Looking for luxury? Looking for relaxation? Well Fields End Water is the camp site for you – this five-star rated, adults-only campsite is located in the heart of Cambridgeshire, offering 59 touring pitches, 14 tent pitches and six luxury self-catering lodges equipped with hot tubs. For the fishing enthusiasts, there are two on-site fishing lakes to enjoy, with guaranteed peace and quiet thanks to their adults-only policy. Dogs are very much welcome, with plenty of expansive Fenland countryside to enjoy all year round.

For those of you travelling with a larger caravan or RV, rest assured as this camp also offer extra-large pitches to accommodate you. You are guaranteed a relaxing stay on this site as you explore Cambridgeshire.

Ocean Lakes Family Campground

Take a trip of a lifetime and enjoy the open road on an American road trip stopping at the winner of ‘RV Park of the Year’, ranking in the top 1% of campground in America. Ocean Lakes is pretty impressive! And there’s no surprise why. It’s situated on the oceanfront in South Carolina, USA. Stretching across one mile of oceanfront, you can camp here all year round.

Take no risks, and reserve your pitch up to 18 months in advance of your trip. With plenty of activities on offer, it’s fair to say your kids won’t be bored. From basketball and volleyball to horseshoes and outdoor pools – the activities are endless.

And where do we start with the local area – the to-do list is almost endless. The local area offers national award-winning shows, more than 100 golf courses, and is home to Brookgreen Gardens — named one of the top 10 public gardens in America. It’s definitely worth taking a trip in your RV down to South Carolina.

Hendra Holiday Park

Take a family trip this summer and visit Hendra Holiday Park situated in the Newquay, the heart of Cornwall. There is something fun for everyone. Surrounded by countryside and only minutes away from the beach, the park has 500 touring pitches, 500 tent pitches and 320 holiday homes available for hire. You’ll also be pleased to hear that their toilet block facilities for campers have been awarded the ‘5* Loo of the Year’ award each year.

The top toilets aren’t the only impressive facilities on this holiday park. The park has soft plays, a pool complex, full entertainment both indoor and outdoor for all weathers, and several bars and restaurants. That’s just whilst on site too – the countryside and beaches offer even more fun for all the family.

Campsite Naturista ‘El Portús’

If a holiday to you needs to include sun, sea and sand, then take a trip to the Spanish region of Murcia, and visit Campsite Naturista ‘El Portús’ – a campsite that defines Spanish culture and looks out onto blue seas and clifftops. With over 350 touring pitches available, there is also 60 permanent pitches up for grabs and 80 accommodation units for hire.

Take a dip in the outdoor or indoor pool with the family, or enjoy the available wi-fi. There are snack bars, a pizzeria and a restaurant on site so you can take a break from any cooking duties on your trip.

If the sea and sand are high priorities then you’ll be pleased to know that the local beach is just minutes away, where there are plenty of activities on your doorstep to enjoy with your children — from windsurfing to waterskiing, you can make the most of having the sea within walking distance.

So where will you holiday this year? With so much on offer, this is just a snippet of what’s available out there for motorhome owners. When looking for your next vacation spot, narrow your search down to your requirements to ensure you get the best site for your needs. Whether it’s child friendly, adult only or super luxurious, there will be the perfect site out there for you to visit – and don’t be afraid to venture across the ocean and enjoy the open road on foreign soil.


Tips for preparing your home for travel

February 22, 2018

No matter how long you’re planning to travel for, it’s more important than ever that you plan some fundamental preparations to ensure that your property is in the best state when you return home. Whether it’s a week away in Europe or the backpacking adventure of a lifetime in Asia, you’re going to feel much more able to enjoy yourself if you know that your home is safe and secure. You might think you have enough to plan for already between passports and itinerary, but nothing will put a dampener on your memories faster than returning home to theft, mess or unnecessary expenses.

Don’t overshare on social media

Obviously, you’re going to want to keep friends and family updated on your plans, and sharing that perfect photo from the sun-drenched beach is awesome. Never forget, however, that thieves use social media as much as everyone else, so it’s vital that you don’t overshare and give criminals information about the fact that your home is empty and unprotected. The best way to do this is obviously by not sharing anything on social media, but that needn’t be the only solution. Instead, check your privacy settings and make sure that only those people that need to see your posts are able to.

Store the important things

If you’re going away for an extended period, then it’s a good idea to store your valuables and some of the larger items in your home. Find a trusted storage company online that accepts personal items and 24/7 security coverage, and you can relax on vacation, safe in the knowledge that your prized possessions are in safe hands. Nothing will ruin your holiday more than coming home to a burglary, so protecting your possessions is vital if you want a stress-free jaunt around the world. Keep that peace of mind and leave your property in the hands of professionals.

Be security aware

It’s all too easy to fall into bad security habit in the day to day drama of our lives. The problems start when you leave your home empty for an extended period of time and neglect the security basics. Leaving yourself vulnerable to criminal activity can be avoided by following some of the basic security tips provided by experts. Little actions such as removing that emergency key from under the plant pot, making sure that you’ve locked the windows and disabled the auto-open on your garage door, can all help make sure that you return home to find your home the same that you left it.

If you’re planning on spending a relaxing few weeks on the beach or exploring ancient ruins, the last thing that you need is to be worrying about home. Taking some simple precautions before you leave can make all the difference and increase the chances of that holiday being the best part of the year. So cancel the newspaper delivery and do the washing up before you leave, and you can walk back through the front door and start your holiday recovery time stress-free.


A Guide To The Perfect Honeymoon in 2018

February 13, 2018

One study revealed that, amongst couples who opted for a traditional wedding, 99% go on a honeymoon. In the UK, the average honeymoon costs just over £3,500. Considering that the average cost of a summer holiday for a family of four costs close to £1,000, its clear to see that couples certainly splash out for their after-wedding vacation.

If you’re just starting the honeymoon planning process, begin by looking at what your friends and family have been up to. An outstanding 80% of honeymooners in the last five years used social media to research their ideal destinations.

Once you’ve decided on where you might like to go, there’s a lot to consider in order to narrow it down. To ease the stress, we’re here to tell you the top luxury honeymoon locations of 2018 and how to perfectly plan your romantic trip there (down to the pound).

Popular destinations for 2018

Kuoni, a luxury travel operator, revealed its top honeymoon destinations based on popularity.

1. Maldives

The Maldives is a dream destination for many of us. It’s made up of more than 1,000 coral islands and is famous for its sugar-white sand beaches, private islands and luxurious resorts. It oozes magnificence and romance, no wonder it was revealed to be the top honeymoon destination of 2018.

Cost of flight: £474*

Accommodation cost per night:

Budget: £110 – £290
Mid-range: £220+
Top-end: £545+

A must-do:

Take a romantic trip down to the Piano Deck at Baros. This is a platform built in the heart of the ocean that can be hired for a few hours for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or spa treatments. Why not treat yourselves to a sunrise breakfast for £235?

2. Sri Lanka

Famous for its countless ancient sites and beautiful beaches, Sri Lanka is a destination like no other. It has so much to offer, with eight UNESCO sites and many opportunities to have memorable experiences.

Cost of flight: £346*

Accommodation cost per night:

Budget: £10 – £17
Mid-range: £17 – £42
Top-end: £42+

A must-do:

Take a once in a lifetime trip to World’s End — a sheer cliff situated in Horton Plains National Park which overlooks tiny villages and tea plantations. The round trip is around 7.5km by foot, and many say that you won’t regret it (and it costs under £20).

3. Mauritius

Sitting in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a luxury haven. There’s plenty to do in the way of activities but, of course, you can lie on the beautiful beaches all day if you’d prefer — take your pick…

Cost of flight: £369*

Accommodation cost per night:

Budget: £35 – £66
Mid-range: £70 – £133
Top-end: £133+

A must-do:

Take a trip down to the Chamarel Waterfall. Surround yourself with luscious vegetation instead of the sandy beaches you may have become accustomed to and explore the southern side of the island.

4. Thailand

According to Kuoni, Thailand is the second most popular destination for LGBT couples after the Maldives. It’s become popular with backpackers over the past decade but that doesn’t mean it’s not full of hidden gems and romantic spots.

Cost of flight: £279*

Accommodation cost per night:

Budget: £13 – £23
Mid-range: £23 – £91
Top-end: £91+

A must-do:

Don’t forget to visit the Phi Phi islands. Considered to be some of the most beautiful islands in Southeast Asia, you can reach them by a short speedboat journey from Phuket or Krabi. Discover true paradise and turquoise-blue waters with your partner.

5. Indonesia (Bali)

It’s a destination you’ve probably heard of. In Bali, you’ll experience the locals’ unforgettable culture combined with beautiful landscapes. The people are friendly and the beaches are one-of-a-kind — we’re not surprised it made it into the top five.

Cost of flight: £345*

Accommodation cost per night:

Budget: less than £36
Mid-range: £36 – £109
Top-end: £109+

A must-do:

Visit the Gili Islands by sea. Take the fast boat over from Bali to the islands and sit on the famous Datu Swing at Hotel Ombak Sunset with your loved one as the sun goes down.

When you’ve decided on your dream destination, you just need to pack! Make sure you budget for the following — according to one survey on wedding couples, these are the items most likely to be bought before honeymoon travel:

  • New wardrobe (70.1%)
  • Swimsuit (69.9%)
  • Sunglasses (69.9%)

*At time of research. Based on cheapest month to fly and cheapest return.  

This research was gathered by Angelic Diamonds, retailers of diamond shoulder engagement rings.




5 Great Backpacking Locations in the US

January 10, 2018

With the potential costs involved, taking a breather from the stress of city life is but a dream for some. However, there are plenty of ways to go on an adventure without breaking the bank, and backpacking is a great example. The United States is a vast mass of land featuring everything from sweltering deserts to frozen peaks.

This makes for some great backpacking trips. All you need is a large enough bag to pack the essentials, a good camera to capture your experience and most importantly, the right location. Listed below are five of the best in the country.

Rocky Mountain

Situated in Colorado, this iconic mountain range is home to some of the most jaw-dropping views the North has to offer. This one-week route goes through some of the most scenic and remote areas. A popular way of getting around it is the 45-mile Grand Loop, which starts on the east at Bear Lake, moving through Flattop Mountain before taking a break at Grand Lake.

Death Valley

While California’s vast desert flat may be aptly named for its inhospitable conditions, certain parts of it make for an unforgettable backpacking adventure. The Cottonwood to Marble Canyon loop is a 32-mile, five-day trek through a unique desert environment that’s home to wild horses and ancient rock art. Due to the harsh desert conditions, it’s advised to go during the winter season when the days are cooler.

Great Smoky

Moving away from the desert is the Mount Sterling Loop, which is a 28-mile trek along the borders of North Carolina and Tennessee. Great Smoky’s variety of microclimates has given it World Heritage site status, which has helped the park become one of the most visited in the US. Featuring a plethora of hidden valleys and endless mountains, this diverse environment is the perfect four-day adventure for beginners and avid backpackers alike.

Gates of the Arctic

This 30-mile, one-way trek takes you through the Alatna and Noatak rivers, deep in the Brooks Range where no humans reside. With little to no roads or trails, this journey is better suited for those with more experience. Alaska is home to numerous predators, from massive brown bears to packs of menacing wolves. Picking up a rifle from a reputable store such as may pay off.

That said, this seven-day journey is one like no other. With beautiful mountains and a multitude of flora and fauna, the Gates of the Arctic is sure to be an unforgettable trip.


Montana’s Brown Pass route takes you on a three-day, one-way route from Kintla to Bowman Lake. Along the way you’ll be spoiled with elegant snow-capped mountains, glistering lakes and colorful meadows of wild flowers. There’s also the 800-foot waterfall known as Hole in the Wall, which is explained by visitors as a sight like no other.

A sad reality is that our glaciers are quickly melting and its predicted that by 2030, these amazing sights will have completed disappeared. So be sure to see and appreciate them while you still have the chance.


Top 3 Summer Vacations for Families with Kids

November 8, 2017

Any parent who has ever had the misfortune of planning a family vacation that didn’t go over too well with the kids knows that it might have been better to simply stay at home bored, but that much richer. Too many times we plan family vacations based on what we think the kids will enjoy without taking into consideration their needs and desires.

Planning a Trip Everyone Can Enjoy

Yes, it’s your vacation time too, but why not choose something that the entire family will enjoy? You can actually spend much more time in leisure and less time battling ill-behaved kids if you plan a vacation that they will enjoy. According to some of the most well-respected trip sites online, children and teens alike enjoy time in the great outdoors. Forget those 5-star restaurants and Broadway plays in the Big Apple you’ve always wanted to visit. Are you looking for a bit of R&R? If so, these are the top 3 summer vacations for families with kids. Keep them happy and you might even have a few moments for yourselves as well!

1. Theme Parks

If there is one thing kids of all ages absolutely love, it would be all the amazing theme parks the country has to offer. From water parks to fantasy land and everything in between, there is no lack of exciting parks to enjoy throughout the year. It may be freezing cold in the Midwest in January, but South Florida or Southern California have water parks open 12 months out of every year. Take the kids to a theme park and you might even be able to wear them out enough so that you and hubby can enjoy an evening out on the town!

You’ll need a babysitter, of course, but that is easily remedied as well. Check out online listings of babysitters around the nation and you’ll see just how easy it will be to do a bit of mom and dad time while the kids rest for the next day’s fun in the sun.

2. Primitive Camping

Have you ever considered what it would be like to sit around a campfire roasting marshmallows with the kids, singing those same camp songs you sang as a kid and hiking through some of the loveliest forests this country has to offer? Most national forests and BLM (Bureau of Land Management) lands have free, or almost-free primitive campsites you can explore.

All you need is a tent large enough to accommodate the entire clan, some basic camping gear and a desire to leave the electronics behind. If you are not sure what kind of tent or gear you need, you can find all the answers you need on the My Family Tent website. If you are looking for a cost-effective vacation, this is your best bet.

3. A Trip to the Beach

Although booking a room on the beach might be a bit costly, especially during high seasons, most kids absolutely adore the beach. Whether they can swim or not, kids love to play in the sand, search for shells and sand dollars and wade in water that laps at their feet. Just remember to bring a high number SPF sunscreen along if you are not accustomed to being out in those blinding rays of the sun.

Taking a summer vacation with the kids needn’t cost an arm and a leg. From camping to spending a few days at a theme park, you can often find something that everyone enjoys well enough so that you have time (and money!) left over for mom and dad. It’s all about how you plan your next trip away, so start now and next year you’ll actually be able to say you had an enjoyable and restful vacation – maybe for the first time ever.


Does the Blue Hole of Belize Hold the Answer to What Happened to The Mayans?

October 31, 2017

It is not very often that a new scientific discovery provides possible answers to a mystery that has been puzzling historians for centuries. However, a recent analysis of the Blue Hole of Belize may well have done just that.

The Disappearance of The Mayans

The ancient civilization known as the Mayans are thought to have been one of the most advanced of their age. They had an impressive knowledge of things like astronomy, architecture, and agriculture. The Mayans returned to fame a few years ago, as some believed the end of the Mayan calendar prophesized the end of the world in 2012. Fortunately for us, either the Mayans were wrong, or their Doomsday Prophesy was misinterpreted, as life went on!

The Mayan civilization began around 2,000 BC, but then almost 3,000 years later, somewhere between 800 and 900 AD, the Mayans died out.

Clues to The Mayan Mystery Found by Researchers in Belize

There is no historical evidence of a war or conquest destroying the Mayans; they simply vanished. This is something that has been a mystery ever since. Now, over 1,000 years after their demise, researchers believe they may have an answer, according to a fascinating story published by Wall Street OTC.

While still just a theory, it comes from a careful analysis of the 400 feet deep, 1,000 feet wide Blue Hole of Belize.

Were the Mayans Forced Away by Drought?

By studying minerals taken from the bed of the Blue Hole and nearby lagoons, the research team, which included people from several universities working together on the project, discovered that there was a significant difference in the ration of aluminum and titanium around the time the Mayans disappeared.

What they believe this indicates is that there was a significant period of drought, which may have forced the Mayans to adopt a more Nomadic lifestyle and move further north.

Essentially, the drought could have been the result of an unusual weather phenomenon that caused normal monsoons to bypass the Yucatan region during that period.

As advanced as the Mayans were, like any early civilization they depended on rainfall and access to fresh water in order to grow their crops. A sustained period of intense drought could well have been enough of a disaster to cause their population to abandon their homes in search of a better climate.

According to one of the study’s members, Andre Droxler, the information gleaned from analysis of the Blue Hole of Belize also indicated that the drought did eventually end, with seasonal rains returning to the region. However, by this time the Mayans had gone.

While this is just one theory as to why the Mayans disappeared, it has drawn some interest in the scientific community. It also carries some weight, as a drought would have been impossible for a civilization of their type to endure for very long. We may never know exactly what happened to them, but this is a fascinating hypothesis!