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5 Tips On How To Look After Your Vape

January 15, 2019

To enjoy a high-quality vape experience, it’s essential you take the time to learn the best ways to keep your vaping device in the best condition. By maintaining your equipment, you reduce the need to purchase a new one frequently. What’s more, by developing a vape cleaning and maintenance routine, it’ll become second nature to look after your device. With that in mind, below are five tips on how to look after your vape in the best way, from checking the battery to how to clean it safely.   

1. Purchase a New Device

Looking after your vape begins the moment you buy it, which is why you need to take the time to research the best device for your needs. There is a vast variety of vaping pens and equipment on the market, so it’s only natural to feel overwhelmed at the choice. However, you can visit retailers such as to find your new vape pen.

2. Check Your Battery Regularly

Your battery is an essential piece of your vaping device, so it makes sense to take care of it and ensure it’s working correctly at all times. By being aware of how to best protect and maintain the battery, you reduce the risk of having to replace it sooner rather than later.

To maintain your battery, ensure the power is drained completely before you recharge it. Doing so will help the battery last longer. Never charge your battery and leave it unattended. Ensure the battery you purchase is the correct voltage for your specific vaping device. Always store your battery in a cool, dark place, especially if you’re storing in for an extended period. Most importantly for vape battery care, always turn it off when you’re not using it.  

3. Clean Your Vape Device Correctly   

Learning how to clean your vape device correctly is one of the most crucial steps of looking after your vape. As water and electronics do not mix well, cleaning isn’t as simple as washing your vape in warm water and cleaning solution. What’s more, if water gets into the battery, it can significantly damage it. The safest way to clean a vape pen, especially if you cannot detach the battery, is to carefully use a cotton bud tip to wipe the inside of the tank using distilled water.

4. Avoid Overusing the Device

While vape devices are created to be used regularly, overuse will cause wear and tear on the equipment quickly. Plus, if the device overheats, it can lead to a burning taste, which is highly unpleasant when you use it. If you feel your device becoming too hot, take a break from using it until it cools down.

5. Invest in a Case

The best way to look after your vape and keep it in the best condition is to invest in a handy case. Not only is this ideal for storing your vape, but it also ensures you can transport it from place to place safely. It reduces the risk of your device becoming scratched, damaged, stepped on, or misplaced.


Top Roofing Trends For 2019

January 13, 2019

Your home’s roof is not only for protection, but it can also quickly enhance your property’s kerb appeal. As a homeowner, it’s never a bad idea to be aware of the latest roofing trends, especially as you head into a brand new year.

2019 is filled with a lot of wonderful surprises and appealing solutions that you’ll likely find quite interesting. A new roof is a significant investment, so it’s best to get up to speed with the latest developments in this area before you go spending a lot of money replacing yours! Let these ideas inspire you to try a new approach, material or colour and then sit back and enjoy your new roof.

Solar Panels

These days, more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious. It’s not a bad idea to keep in mind how your home and structure impacts the planet. One roofing trend that continues to be popular in 2019 is installing solar panels. You’ll save money on energy bills and will be helping out the environment at the same time! The newest designs are sleek and will be attractive to buyers if you chose to sell your home in the future.

Dark & Mysterious Hues

One of the trendiest colours for 2019 is a dark and mysterious black mixed with hints of grey. It is certainly one look that catches your eye because of the contrast it makes against your home exterior. It’s a rich appearance that delivers a sense of class and sophistication to onlookers. You can’t go wrong when choosing to install a dark roof that’s sure to add that pop of distinction between the roof and the rest of your house. If you’re in the market to replace your roof, then turn to Windsor roofing experts to assist you.

Composite Roofing

Composite roofing is great because it looks like wood shingles but doesn’t come with the hefty cost. The beauty and quality of this type of roofing resemble slate but at a much lower price. The texture delivers a smooth and striking roof that you’re sure to fall in love with at first sight. This option is made of plastic and rubber, so they’ll last you longer than wood or asphalt as well.


Another top roofing trend for 2019 has to do with the durability and how long this new investment is going to last you. Homeowners are looking for a solution that’s appealing to the eye and also won’t have to be replaced for an extended period of time. Also, the climate is always changing, and one desire is to have a roof installed that can handle heavy winds rains and snow.

Attractive Designs

Not all roofs are flat anymore, and so another 2019 roofing trend is to play with and install attractive designs. This means more angles and curves and not just going with your standard and typical level roof design. It’s a chance to be creative and make your home stand out in a positive way. You can also feel free to think outside the box when it comes to patterns and finishes for your roof.  


How to Cope with the Sudden Death of a Loved One

January 13, 2019

The sudden death of a loved one is a horrific time and one that triggers a variety of emotional responses.  The grieving process is something that everyone deals with differently, and it can affect both your mental and physical wellbeing.  Although there’s nothing we can say that will make the bereavement process easier, there are some steps that you can take to help you get through it as well as possible.  These are listed below.

1. Know What to Expect

The emotions commonly felt during the grieving process include shock, guilt, disbelief, sadness, and anger.  Understanding these emotions and knowing how they respond to grief can help not only you to manage what you are feeling, but your loved ones as well.  Physical symptoms can also manifest, and these can include a loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, and sickness. Being aware of these and the reasons for them is important.

2. Talk to Someone

Some people dealing with the loss of a loved one find it helps to talk to friends and family.  Reminiscing about their life and the memories you shared can help you to feel less alone, while also helping you to come to terms with what happened.  Talking can also be a good form of emotional support for everyone involved. If you don’t feel able to talk to friends or family, speaking to a counselor or therapist could also help.

3. Consider Your Children

At the same time as managing your own grief, you also need to consider your children (if you have any) and how they may be feeling.  Depending on the age of the child, they may not understand what is happening or know how to control their feelings. To help your child, talk to them in an age-appropriate way, and let them know that it’s okay to show their emotions.  Allow the child to take part in the rituals of mourning and explain anything they are unsure about.

4. Let a Funeral Home Help You

Planning a funeral while grieving is not easy, and it’s something you will struggle with if you haven’t made plans in advance.  Most funeral homes will provide a caring and patient environment and try to make the process as straightforward as possible. For example, who are based out in Florida offer a very personalized service to make it as hassle free as possible. They will notify the local newspaper and Social Security office on your behalf, as well as provide a Celebration of Life memorial to honor your lost loved one. Don’t be afraid to speak to them and let them answer any questions you have about the funeral process.  If you don’t want to be involved every step of the way, you don’t have to be. This is one part of the process that can be hassle-free.

5. Seek Professional Help

Sudden death can be a lot to handle, and many people struggle with being unable to say goodbye.  If you feel like your grief is taking over your life, and you may be struggling with mental health issues, it’s time to seek professional help.  Conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder and major depressive disorder can interfere with how you function and are best treated as soon as they become apparent.


3 Ways to Create More Space in Your Home

January 4, 2019

“Your home is your castle,” as the saying goes. You want to live in a place you are excited to come home to, which is comfortable and a true haven for you and your family. Anything less than perfect, and you can become uncomfortable and stressed.

One common issue is a lack of space within your home. Having enough space is essential, otherwise you may find yourself anxious and unable to relax. Plus, if you have children, you’ll find that having the extra storage facilities for toys is crucial. Here are three ways to create more space in your home.


If your home has a basement, then you have access to a whole new floor for you to make use of, and while some people feel wary about converting a basement because the underground level makes them prone to issues such as damp, and you have unlimited potential with a basement conversion.

Before you plan your basement room, however, you will need to get advice to make sure it is structurally sound. Make sure to hire professionals so that they can discuss your options for remodeled basements. They will be able to coat the walls properly, as well as transform the basement into whatever room you wish for, be it a cinema room or an extra bedroom.


Attic spaces can be so much more than just a place to store your unwanted household items and heirlooms. In fact, an attic can become a study, a reading room or even an extra bedroom. While you may not want your children to play in the attic, when they become teenagers, it can be the perfect place for them to store their belongings or sleep. Include shelving units and units to keep your possessions, but also consider turning the attic into a large, stylish master bedroom with a skylight for beautiful mornings.

Garden Rooms

If you don’t have any options for adding space within your home, then how about creating new space outside? A garden room is more than having a shed for you to fill up and then abandon. In fact, you can get a cabin or even a granny annex, which can act as an extra living space or a place for you to convert into a study space.

For families, this can become the perfect summer house for children to play in, or if you have a teenager, a room for them to hang out for added independence.

People may think the easiest means of getting more space is to move, but this is rarely the case. Not only is moving expensive, but it is incredibly stressful for both adults and children. Rather than leave an area you love, and a house that is your forever home, find ways to extend and expand your current abode. Basement and attic conversions not only offer more space but also increase your curb appeal. Therefore, you do ever wish to sell, your asking price can increase, too.


Different Ways To Celebrate A Loved One’s Birthday

December 25, 2018

If you have a loved one’s birthday coming up, then you will want to do everything that you can to make it a special and memorable occasion for them. Everyone should be able to celebrate their birthday with friends and family, and there are many lovely ideas that will show them just how much everyone cares about them. Of course, everyone is different, so you will need to take their own personality into account, but here are a few nice ways that you can celebrate a loved one’s birthday that they are sure to highly appreciate and always remember fondly.

  • Surprise Parties

Surprise parties can be fantastic fun and a good way to get everyone together to celebrate their birthday. This can be a risky type of party, however, particularly if the person does not like to be the centre of attention, so think about whether or not they would enjoy this. In order for it to be a surprise, parties like this are usually best held in someone’s home.

  • Venue Parties

Alternatively, hiring out a venue and hosting a birthday party with friends and family is a great option, particularly for landmark birthday such as their 30th or 40th. This is because you can fill the venue with those that are dearest to them and control factors like the music to personalise it to their tastes. You may also need to think about hiring event bartenders so that there are a range of drinks available, and you can rest assured it will be a success by leaving it to the professionals.

  • Night Out

If they are the sort of person that wants to celebrate their birthday but do not necessarily want to make a song and dance out of it and be the centre of attention, then a night out is a good option. This could be at their favourite pub, a bar crawl or heading out of town for a fun night out. With these nights out, it is good to arrange travel if required and to have a loose plan for the evening.

  • Tea & Cake

Of course, not everyone wants to have a wild celebration for their birthday which is why a tea and cake celebration is a good alternative. Having just a few people that they care about to show them that they care and sing happy birthday can be a calm and enjoyable way to celebrate a birthday.

  • Tickets To An Event

Finally, another good option is to arrange tickets to an event such as a sporting fixture, concert, theatre production etc. This will certainly be memorable especially if it is something that they are passionate about and this could either be a surprise or something that you tell them about in advance.

There are many ways to celebrate a loved one’s birthday with the above being just a few options. Unless it is a surprise party, it is always worth checking with the person first as it is their birthday after all and they may want a quiet one or a big celebration!


3 Ways To Make The Exterior Of Your Home As Exciting As The Interior

December 22, 2018

Every home should be a stylish home. After all, you’ve worked hard for it, so why settle for anything less? Transforming the inside of your property so that it looks exactly how you want can bring an enormous sense of achievement and satisfaction. Stylish and well-designed rooms are sure to impress your house guests too, but it’s important to remember that they’ll see the outside of your property before they see the inside. That’s why it’s important to consider the exterior of your home as well as the interior, so here are three ways you can make the outside of your property look great.

1. Fencing And Walkways

As a guest approaches your property, the first thing they are going to see is any fencing around it, followed closely by the footpath they have to walk down to reach your door. First impressions count so don’t let these components drag the rest of your property down. A strong fence not only looks great, but it can also boost your home security too. We like traditional wooden fencing, but you’ll need to treat it with preservative or paint on an annual basis to prevent it from turning an unsightly silver color. Walkways should be even and free of moss and algae; natural stone cobbles or paving slabs can provide a highly stylish pathway to your home.

2. Roofing

Your roof is the most practical and important part of your home, keeping rain out and heat in, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be beautiful as well. Our roofs have to withstand extremes of weather and temperature and over time, that can leave them looking unsightly and impair their performance. Roofing experts such as Megram provide a comprehensive range of roofing solutions which ensure that your roofline always looks impeccable. They install roofs in a range of styles, so you can find one that perfectly complements your home, and they also provide roof repairs from shingle replacement to roof lining repairs. Our eyes are naturally drawn upward, so make sure that your roof is one to be proud of.

3. A Garden Center Piece

You’ll already know how important it is to keep your lawn and garden in good shape, but a well-selected centerpiece can transform an average garden into a great garden. This could be a traditional garden structure such as an arbor or pergola, and they can make a great meeting point for a summer garden party. Even more stylish is a well-placed water feature, such as a pond or waterfall. Less can be more when it comes to garden ornamentation, so don’t be too ostentatious.

A high-quality roof in perfect shape, smart fencing, even walkways, and an exciting garden feature will all help to impress house guests before they even reach your door. Creating a great exterior helps to achieve a stylish and harmonious whole for your home, and you could even find that it increases the value of your property if you later decide to sell it.


Subaru Loves Pets as Much as its Owners

December 18, 2018

Subaru shows its owners love by providing reliable vehicles that are ranked as some of the most trustworthy cars out there, but did you know that we show love to communities and causes as well?

As part of our Love Promise Community Commitment, we join forces with a wide variety of non-profits and charities on a local and a national level. Our missions include protecting and preserving the environment, supporting education for all, and encouraging volunteers within communities.

When you find a Subaru dealer for your next vehicle, you can be sure that we’re taking action beyond simply providing you with a great car.

If you’ve seen some of our commercials featuring the furry Barkley family going to the car wash or taking driving lessons, you know that our vehicles are dog-tested and dog-approved! Many Subaru owners are also pet owners, and we’re consistently ranked as one of the most dog-friendly vehicle makers out there.

But our love for pets doesn’t stop with our customers’ companions. We’re committed to the well-being of pets everywhere, not only those who already have homes with our customers. We show that love through action – it’s about returning the love that our animals so generously give to us. It’s all part of our Love Promise because Subaru loves pets as much as its owners, and we’re committed to keeping dogs and other animals happy, healthy, and safe.

October is Subaru Loves Pets Month

Every October, we celebrate Subaru Loves Pets month when we team up with long-standing partner The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) to help the approximately 6.5 million companion animals that enter shelters each year. Since 2008, Subaru has donated nearly $22 million to the ASPCA, helped support over 1,500 animal welfare-related events, and significantly impacted the rescue, transport, and adoption of more than 50,000 animals nationwide.

Our dealers across the country also work alongside local animal organizations in our communities to collect supplies needed to keep animals healthy, happy, and ready to find homes.

If you want to help, find a Subaru dealer near you and bring in some pet supplies such as canned or dry food, collars, towels, blankets, grooming supplies, food bowls, small dog/cat toys, treats, or cleaning supplies. These items will be donated to a local organization.

Another partner of ours in the Subaru Loves Pets initiative is BARK, the makers of BarkBox and one of the dog-friendliest companies around. Together with BARK, we put together and provide Subaru Loves Pets shelter supply kits. These special kits include lots of different pet items that can support the well-being of shelter animals awaiting adoption such as chew toys, reusable water bowls, bath wipes, and tennis balls.

We believe that keeping animals happy and comfortable during their stay in a shelter is important, and once they find a new home, we also offer starter kits to families who are adopting a pet

Meet and Greet with Pets in Your Community

During Subaru Loves Pets month, Subaru retailers host pet events in partnership with local animal welfare organizations where you can meet different pets that might just become your new best friend.

Often times, the adoption fees are waived or significantly reduced at these events, which leads to higher rates of pets finding homes. In fact, surveys show that the majority of pets adopted at a waived- or reduced fee are kept by their owners and that their owners actually report a higher attachment to the pet. It’s all about giving these animals a second chance and making sure they find a safe place to call home.

Subaru provides grants to the ASPCA that waive these adoption fees; our funding also goes toward Rescue Rides, which transports animals for adoption. In fact, we’ve helped transport over 21,000 pets in just four years.

Throughout October, we also encourage you to find a Subaru dealer and take a picture with the Subaru Loves Pets photo frame. You can then share this on social media using the #SubaruLovesPets hashtag to raise awareness about animal welfare.

Our Commitment to Pets is Year-Round

How else do we show that we love pets? One way is demonstrating that we care about providing the safest possible vehicles for your animals. We’ve collaborated with the Center for Pet Safety, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit research and advocacy organization dedicated to companion animal and consumer safety.

Subaru has sponsored two studies conducted by the Center for Pet Safety around pet travel, which looked at dog harnesses/safety belts and animal crates that performed well in crash tests. If you’re interested in learning more, you can read about one of our sponsored 2015 studies here.

We also work with the Southeastern Guide Dogs, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping blind men and women achieve independence. We sponsor many events every year that fund the training and development of guide dogs so that they can eventually be placed in homes with individuals who need a service animal.

You can also see evidence of our dedication to pets in your very own community here in the Portland metro area. For example, during the Oregon Humane Society’s 150th anniversary, Royal Moore Subaru of Hillsboro donated over $5,000 to the organization.

Together with other regional Subaru dealers and members of the community, the Humane Society was able to raise over $55,000 that year. And, during Summer 2018, local Subaru retailers donated $25 to the Oregon Humane Society for every vehicle purchased.

You can tell we’ve got a soft spot for pets: we make sure our vehicles are the safest they can be for all of your family members, whether they’re human or animal, and we dedicate financial support to charity, research, and organizations to support pets everywhere.

Our animals show us unconditional love, so we want to protect and love them too!


How to Improve Your Productivity When Studying

December 17, 2018

Studying is a process – there’s no way around it. You have to put in the time to retain the information and perform well on tests and exams. But you can make the most of the time you put in by maximizing your productivity. Try these tips to improve your productivity and transform your study habits.

Know your high functioning hours

Studying is an individual process. You can choose to study in groups and to meet up with a tutor to help you out, but at the end of a day, it’s a solo practice. Only you can study for the test that you have, and put in the work that you know that you need to to feel confident. So, make it a priority to know what your high-functioning hours are. Are you an early bird, who is most alert and productive in the morning? Are you a night owl, who feels most creative and effective in the evenings? Do you feel supercharged after an afternoon workout?

Figure out what your studying sweet spot is, and fit in your study hours during that time. This will make sure that you’re maximizing your studying effectiveness on your own schedule.

Try the Pomodoro Technique

One popular technique for “time blocking” when it comes to productivity is the Pomodoro technique. With this technique, you work non-stop for 25 minutes at a time, usually with the help of a timer. During this 25 minutes, you are focused only on one singular task – you are not taking any breaks to check your phone or social media – you are only working on the task at hand. Once the block is done, stop working. Get up and take a 5 minute walk, get a coffee, take some deep breaths and re-center yourself.

Once you’ve completed three to four Pomodoro cycles, then take a longer 20-30 minute break. By using this technique, you can help to amp up your focus, eliminate distractions, and remain on task when studying.

Create an ideal study space

If you frequently study while sitting or laying in bed, you may want to reconsider your choice. To ramp up your productivity when studying, choose one consistent spot (or a couple consistent spots) where you can go and really get in the zone. Whether it’s a desk in your room, a certain spot at the school library, your favorite coffee shop, or somewhere else, find a space that works for you and use it to maximize your productivity.

Use Memory Tricks

Another way to maximize your study time is by using memory tricks. Probably the most popular memory trick is the use of mnemonic devices. The mnemonic technique translates information you’re trying to memorize into a pattern your brain remembers better, like a sequence of numbers letters, and words that will correlate to a core concept in the material. It’s a super helpful technique for when you’re evaluating your university of miami final exam schedule.

Use these tricks to make your study time as productive and possible, and improve your chances of getting the best grade possible on your test.