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Our Top & Most Stylish Instagrams 2022

March 20, 2022

Instagram is the perfect platform when it comes to fashion, sharing videos and photos is easier than it has ever been. The social platform is used to connect people through imagery, so what better place is there for a fashion influencer? Influencers play a big role on the Instagram scene and help to promote everything from streetwear to the last runway styles, to homeware and interiors. We’re going to explore our top and most stylish Instagram accounts for 2022, so read on if you’re looking to explore some inspiring pages. 

Lollys Laundry 

Lollys Laundry was founded by the Danish fashion designer Kamilla Byriel. Her brand is focussed on ‘casual coolness’ and her easy-to-wear designs are sure to be a welcome addition to your wardrobe, whichever the season. Her products are created for versatility, pieces that can be dressed up or dressed down to match your very own style. Lollys Laundry’s Instagram page is filled with gorgeous designs, bright and bold colours, and patterns and even shows you how you can add a dash of coolness into your style. With dresses, knitwear, and blazers galore, this Instagram account is a joy to look at and it only takes a glance to feel inspired. 


Madewell is a clothing company that prides itself on high-quality denim. They style timeless designs for both men and women and focus on effortless tees, bags, and shoes. They produce pieces that can be worn time and time again, and last as long as you need. Their Instagram account reflects their brand’s values, showing off their products but also using real people that wear their brand to promote. Their imagery has a natural and warm feeling surrounding it, relaxed and bright images and not only does it allow you to shop their collections, but it also allows you access to style tips, recipes, and how-to DIY yourself a detailed denim jacket! If you’re looking for a brand with a real down-to-earth vibe, Madewell’s Instagram is worth a follow. 


If you’re into fashion, the likelihood is that you’ll be familiar with Anthropologie or at least heard of them before. If not, they are a brand that prides itself on finding you the unexpected for your wardrobe and takes pride in sourcing and crafting its products with care. Not only does it boast gorgeous and unique clothing, but they also curate collections of accessories and homeware. The brand’s Instagram account is something of pure inspiration. You’ll find bright and bold dresses that draw your eye, warm and comforting homeware shots, as well as delicate jewellery. The brand’s account gives a comfortable but fashionable feel – after a quick scroll, you’ll find yourself inspired and will leave you thinking of buying a long, vibrant dress and a list of new home furnishings! 


If you want to feel truly inspired, ASOS is the brand to follow. Big on imagery and bold colours, no matter your style, you’ll find yourself truly engaged by their posts. An account that prides itself on being a judgment-free zone, you can be sure to feel included in everything it explores. As well as posting new items, you can also find beauty products, tutorials, and links to other Instagram accounts such as ASOS man and ASOS face and body for the makeup artist in you. ASOS’s Instagram page is immersive and allows you to explore the brand and its values for yourself. 


Topic: How To Bag Your Brand

February 10, 2022

When it comes to making your brand stand out from the crowd, you want to go the extra mile for your customers. Whether that’s a discount code on their birthday, or a free sample of a new product before it hits the shelves, you want to make your customers believe in your brand as much as you do. A great way to create brand awareness is through printed cotton bags. Not only are they environmentally conscious, but they essentially provide you with marketing every time they’re used. Here are some top tips for putting your brand on a bag. 


When designing your bag, you want to make sure it’s completely different from other brands you’ve seen. You don’t want it to end up being confused with another brand when it’s seen in passing. Your bag should make people ask the person in front of them waiting for the bus where they got their cool bag from. When choosing a bag, it’s a good idea to have a dramatic theme of all black with white text or add a pop of colour to a plain white bag. This way you can be sure people will pay attention to the bag being carried and what’s printed on the front. 


Not only does your design have to be bold and eye-catching, but you also want it to be easily readable. Don’t go adding a full paragraph of text in a handwritten script that no one will be able to decipher. You want someone to walk by your bag, see the name and instantly be able to look your business up. It’s also good to take colour theory into consideration too. Don’t choose a bright yellow bag with white lettering that nobody can read. Instead, choose one darker colour and one lighter colour. This way you can be sure your bag is being looked at for all the right reasons. 

Show Off Your Style

If your brand is all about bright colours and rainbows, then make sure your bag reflects that. Similarly, don’t go all out if you’re logo is understated and simple. Your bags should match the vibe that your business has, so make sure to follow the tone of your brand when designing. 

Think Of Your Customers

It’s always good to think of your customers when branding a bag. It might be worthwhile doing a survey to find out what style they would prefer and what material. You could have the perfect organic cotton tote bag, but if your customer base is mainly hikers, it’s not the most practical of bags for them. Your bag needs to reflect you, your brand, and your customers. If you spend money on a set of branded bags that won’t end up being used, you’ve wasted not just money, but an opportunity to get your name out there. 

It’s always fun to try out something new for your business and see what growth it can lead to. But if you consider the tips above, you can ensure you’ll have the best, branded bag around. 


Topic: Tips for First Time Horse Owners

February 10, 2022

When buying your first horse, it’s important to have the information you need to choose the right horse and to care for them properly whether that’s with enough food and water or where to buy the best cheap horse rugs. Here are just a few tips for first time horse owners. 

  1. Take Horse Riding Lessons

First things first, making sure you know how to properly ride and handle horses is an important first step. Without proper training, you are more likely to experience more accidents. Horse riding lessons allows you to understand horses body language and how to give your horse proper riding cues, so first-time horse owners should acquire the proper general knowledge regarding care and upkeep of their horse as well as basic skills like riding and saddling up correctly. It’s also important to note that proper lessons are different from paying for pony rides as these horses are already well trained. Lessons let you understand how to manage the horses during riding and general care. 

  1. Take an Experienced Horse Person to Buy Your Horse

If you’re not currently very knowledgeable on horses, it’s imperative that you take someone who is when meeting your potential new addition to the family. Even after taking some riding lessons, an experienced horse owner or trainer will know what to check for in terms of being sound, healthy, happy and how they ride. These things can be easily missed if you’re not totally familiar with what to look for. If you aren’t aware of any experienced horse owners, ask your horse-riding instructor if they’d be willing to go with you.

  1. Find Out the Horses History

You need to know everything about the horse’s history so that you can make a fully informed decision. You need to know how long the seller has owned the horse, why they are selling, if the horse has registration papers, if there is any medical history etc. You can never ask too many questions when looking for your new companion. If the seller isn’t giving much away or hasn’t owned the horse long enough to answer, you should find the previous owners and contact them for information. If you have registration papers, you can find out the previous owner’s history!

  1. Make Sure Your Horse Gets Enough to Eat and Drink

It’s highly important to make sure your horse gets enough to eat and drink as they can eat up to 2% of their body weight a day with hay and grass. They also need at least 5 gallons of water a day to stay healthy. Because of their size, horses need a lot of substance. Horses need to spend much of their day grazing which means you. Need to provide enough food to adhere to this by turning them out in the pasture or putting hay in their stalls. If your horse isn’t getting enough to eat, you’ll start to see their ribs. You can encourage horses to drink more by putting salt blocks in their living area. They salt will cause them to drink more water.


Irish pub Basel

January 23, 2022

Thinking about going to the Irish pub in Basel? Auld Dubliner was opened just for individuals being fond of the Irish culture and stuff related to it but cannot cross the English channel! Auld Dubliner is the best Irish pub tourists can find in Switzerland. Feel the unique atmosphere of Irish feasts and take rest.

Become a part of the Irish community in a pub Basel

Don’t book tickets to Ireland to get familiar with the country’s outstanding culture. Come to Basel and the place overwhelmed with Irish atmosphere will be within walking distance. Every tourist or resident of Basel will find this place without difficulties. Everything outside and indoors is steeped with uniqueness!

The first thing to notice is deep green and emerald hues boosting the building’s interior to the 80lvl. Splendid atmospheric colours aren’t the only features to grab visitors’ attention. Music, services, foods, drinks – everything makes visitors feel like they are in the Dublin downtown.

Talking about drinks diversities, our bar and pub is the undisputed local champion. Visitors lose breath when getting familiar with 14 unique variations of beer, featuring unique flavours, tastes, and smells. The collection of unique beer crafting recipes is one of the things making Auld Dubliner a long sight better than all local facilities pretending to boost the Irish spirit.

Beer degustation is the first step Auld Dubliner visitors take. Clients cannot leave without tasting unequalled whisky/ell sorts. Guinness stout is the absolute icing on the cake! People cannot say they know Irish culture if didn’t try this Irish people’s creation. Guinness stout is one of the best-rated national drinks worldwide.

The reason for popularity in bars is its deep dark colour and unusual dry flavour. Naturally, visitors like getting familiar with this product knowing its long and interesting history. The first time Guinness stout was crafted was in the brewery of Arthur Guinness at St. James’s Gate, Dublin, Ireland, 1759.

We cannot forget Halloween – one of the greatest days for people inhabiting British isles. Want to enjoy this feast in an authentic atmosphere? Auld Dubliner is waiting!

Enjoy free time with friends in a true Irish Basel pub

Tired of the exhausting job and want to enjoy a night out with friends? Basel sport fans of Ireland know the solution. We are busy people and it’s difficult to devote enough time to going to a stadium to watch the match of a favourite football or rugby team. Watching it at home is boring because you cannot feel all that hustle and upbeat atmosphere. Why don’t you visit Auld Dubliner to root for your favourite team? A few mugs of beer or ell will assist you and your friends in creating a stadium-like atmosphere!


What’s In Store for Bitcoin In 2022?

December 28, 2021

Investors and traders who follow bitcoin (BTC) know the meaning of volatility. For that reason, they weren’t frightened by a quick drop in the crypto’s value, of nearly 20 percent, during the first ten days of December 2021. Since its earliest days, the coin has been a see-saw asset, notching new highs with regularity but experiencing considerable drops in between.

How to Make Educated Predictions

How to best assess the leading cryptocurrency’s health for the upcoming year? There are no guarantees in the world of virtual assets, so any prediction must be taken with a grain of salt. However, there are some relatively straightforward ways to evaluate the trajectory of bitcoin for the next 12 months. The best way to begin is to review how the asset behaved in 2021. After that, looking at the main factors behind bitcoin’s value in 2022 is in order. Finally, it’s important to examine three things that have played a significant role in the coin’s price during the past two years. The logical place to begin is with bitcoin’s 2021 performance, paying particular attention to its range.

A Quick Look Back at 2021

This year, in short, has seen the largest crypto take a wild ride. Prices ranged from the $29,000 level all the way up to nearly $66,000. That’s almost a $40,000 range between the annual high and low. But that incredibly vast range is not the whole story. The price of BTC hit both those extreme zones not once but twice each. The lows were touched in January and July, while the highs were achieved in April and November. Volatility like that is a lesson for anyone who wants to predict what will happen during the next 12 months.

Key Factors for 2022

What should investors focus on when studying BTC? For several reasons, it makes sense to hone in on how the global economy is doing, whether crypto assets continue to gain a following, what happens with the COVID situation, and related issues. But, the big three components that threaten to drive BTC’s price come down are not so mysterious in themselves. For anyone who wishes to engage in bitcoin trading, it’s imperative to not only follow the three main factors behind price but also to refer to authoritative resources like this site for real-time pricing, volume, and trading opportunities.

Worldwide Acceptance

Since early 2020, when several major corporations and governments finally recognized the usefulness of BTC and other cryptos, the move toward worldwide acceptance has gained significant momentum. Today, several nations as well as thousands of corporations buy, sell, store, and trade bitcoin. One could make the argument that the coin has already broken through the acceptance barrier as millions of e-commerce websites now accept BTC as a form of ordinary payment.

COVID and the Global Economy

As soon as the COVID pandemic engulfed the world, dozens of major economies suffered catastrophic losses in terms of unemployment, business closures, and inflation. Because the virus continues to spread and morph into other variants, it appears that more traders and investors will turn to virtual currencies, not national ones, as a safe haven.


Do Hair Transplant Treatments Leave Behind Any Scars?

November 27, 2021

Hair transplants are a popular procedure for mainly men who are experiencing hair loss. Women can also undergo the operation but it is more common for men. After the operation, there will most likely be some scars left on your scalp and you will have a sore head for a few days after. The fact your hair transplant will most likely last for life makes the procedure completely worth it. It is very common to go abroad for a hair transplant and most patients get their hair transplant in Istanbul, due to the cheap costs and well-qualified surgeons. 

How bad will scaring be?

After a hair transplant, you can definitely expect scarring and this isn’t very likely to go away, unfortunately, however, when you have your new hair this will usually cover it. Scaring can unlikely be avoided as the procedure requires going into your scalp and hair follicles. 

What to expect after the operation 

You can expect some swelling after the operation and some patients report bruising around their eyes. A few weeks after the operation you might experience some hair falling out, this is completely normal and just means your scalp is making way for the new fresh hair to grow. Just make sure you follow all the aftercare instructions from your surgeon so you can avoid any type of infection. 

What aftercare is usually recommended by the surgeon?

There are some important rituals you will need to practice after the procedure, these include keeping your scalp clean but definitely not scrubbing it. You will need to wait a few days before washing your hair after the operation and try not to sleep on it. It is usually 48 hours after the operation when you can wash your hair very gently, it will be the third day after treatment. Avoid using a power shower or anything that will blast down harshly on your scalp. It is crucial to avoid infection after the operation so you will likely be prescribed antibiotics and sometimes surgeons give you pain relief as well. 

Why am I losing hair in the first place?

There are a few different reasons for losing hair, these can be stress and hormone-related or heredity. Both women and men can suffer from hair loss and you never know when it might creep up on you, research shows it is more likely in men than women. It’s more likely you will experience hair loss when you’re older rather than younger but there are some young people that experience it too. Some medical conditions result in hair loss and also medications for certain illnesses can cause it as well.

How to prevent hair loss 

To prevent hair loss you will need to combat the factors that cause it, for example introducing some exercises into your routine to prevent stress. You can also prevent stress by practicing meditation, getting enough sleep and eating a balanced diet. Once you start to see your hair falling out you should take action to put this to a halt. 

Being mindful of the shampoo and conditioner you use is also important, make sure there aren’t too many chemicals in them. Some people wash their hair far too often as well, it shouldn’t be washed everyday but every few days. Washing too much can lead to a dry scalp and hair might fall out because of this, you need to let the natural oils reach your hair. 

Now you know you will be likely to get some scars after your hair transplant but they will commonly be covered up by your new hair, you can make your decision about booking the procedure. We hope you love your new hair and can recommend hair transplants to friends and family who might benefit from it in the future.  


Topic: Are Fireworks Waterproof?

November 21, 2021

To have a successful firework launch, your rockets, mortars, smoke grenades and more need to be protected from the elements. Seeing as submerging fireworks in water is the best and safest way to ensure they no longer work and can be disposed of, the opposite is true to have working fireworks. So, are fireworks designed to be waterproof to be used in all weathers, are do you need to avoid wet weather at all costs? We look at whether fireworks for sale in the UK are waterproof and what you can do to avoid a washed-out display.

Prepare for the weather

Firstly, most firework designs mean they are not built to withstand water and still work. That’s why if you are storing fireworks, they need to be kept somewhere as dry as possible away from humidity and any leaks. Many fireworks you can buy are made from a paper or cardboard tube, whilst others may launch from plastic tubing. Of course, if the shell of the firework is exposed to water for a period, it may stop working, hence why submerging in a bucket of water for 15 minutes will usually be enough to stop a firework from working again. 

In rain conditions, it’s usually the fuse that is most susceptible to failure as it needs to successfully light, just like a cigarette for example. It’s not impossible to launch fireworks in the rain, but it’s not always the best idea for a successful display. You can protect fireworks before launch if there is light drizzle by covering them with plastic or cling film, shielding them from the rain. You would then just remove this before lighting the fuse and this should work as normal. Like any outdoor event, if the rain becomes heavy or storm-like, you’d probably want to postpone anyway until there are better conditions.

Should I Launch Fireworks in Bad Weather?

Not only will heavy rain make an outdoor event less enjoyable for spectators and possibly spoil your fireworks from working, it can be extremely hazardous. Heavy rainfall, as well as windy conditions, will affect how the firework launches and the direction it travels. The last thing you want is for launched fireworks to suddenly change direction, possibly heading towards crowds, so therefore avoiding bad weather for your display is best. Dryer, more calm conditions are always preferable for maximum effect and can ensure your display is not washed out. Even if you have a display of ground fireworks such as fountains or Catherine Wheels, this will be affected by exposure to the rain in the time between setting up and launch. 

If unexpected rainfall happens as you begin your display or during, don’t worry too much as most will still work and launch successfully. If this then turns into stormy conditions or torrential rain, it’s probably best to postpone. Always prepare for wet weather and check the forecasts leading up to your display date. This way you can plan ahead and choose better conditions, especially if you are planning fireworks during wetter seasons of the year. If you are keeping fireworks stored for use, make sure they are waterproofed, avoiding any moisture build-up, rather than leaving open to humidity or accidental exposure. If you are ever in doubt about the best way to waterproof your fireworks, seek out local experts who can help provide advice and tips.


Horse Rugs: How to Choose the Right One

November 15, 2021

When rugging your horse, the main aim is to ensure they are as warm and comfortable as possible. Choosing the best rug will depend on your horse’s lifestyle, living conditions and the weather, helping their body adapt to the external conditions. There are various types of horse rug on the market, each with different properties and styles, so we’ve pulled together an overarching guide to help you pick out the best type of rug for your horse.

Stable rugs

As the name suggests, a stable rug is designed for indoor use and provides your horse with warmth when they are tucked away in their stable for the night. You can buy stable rugs in a variety of different weights to suit the time of year, and they can be easily clipped into place under the tummy for an quick and easy solution when the weather gets chilly.

Turnout rugs

Being one of the more versatile styles of horse rug, a turnout rug offers a layer of protection as your horse enjoys the outdoors. The fabric offers shelter from any unexpected rain showers and keeps your horse clean from the dirt, all while letting the skin breathe underneath. Turnout rugs are available in different weights so can be used throughout the spring, summer and autumn months so you can rest assured that your horse is warm and dry when they are out and about.

Fly sheets

During the summer months, flies and other biting insects cause endless hassle for horse owners and their horse. As well as being an irritation, these insects pose a risk of infection, having the potential to transmit harmful diseases. A fly sheet is a lightweight addition which deters insects from coming near and being able to reach the skin, creating a welcome barrier so your horse can enjoy the outdoors without the threat of being bitten.

Cooler rugs

Designed to help regulate the body temperate, a cooler rug is ideal for using during the warmer weather and following a bout of intense exercise. The breathable fabric has wicking properties which gradually cool down the body back to its comfortable temperature, helping your horse cool down without doing so too quickly.

Fleece rugs

When the winter months arrive, ensuring that your horse is able to stay warm and comfortable is essential. A fleece rug is designed to add an extra layer of warmth against the chilly weather and cold winds, retaining body heat both indoors and outdoors. Many horse owners tend to use fleece rugs underneath other rugs as an added layer of protection which can be used in addition to their usual rug.

Exercise rugs

For more active horses, exercise rugs are effective for the recovery process, helping their body get back to its regular state quicker. It can be worn both during and after any activity to keep your horse protected from any winds and rain so they can maintain their comfortable temperature for maximum performance. Following exercise, the rug will help prevent the body from cooling down too quickly to prevent any injury to the muscles.