Career Progression Tips And Tricks

At any job, no matter how big or small, people want to advance up the ladder because it gives them a better opportunity to make more money, which is why most people work. These days, with employers more focused on their business plan than their employees’ career plans, it is up to you to develop your own career and give yourself the best opportunity to advance. For those that need help with their career progression, these tips can be very useful.


At every job, regardless of the position, everyone has a part to play to ensure the company’s success, and accountability is very important. When things aren’t going well at work, you shouldn’t blame anyone but yourself if you are responsible. When things are going well, you should also take credit for your part.

To be successful at your job, you have to treat the job as yours and take responsibility for every aspect of your role at the job.


One of the biggest misconceptions in the business world is that it is about who you know and not how well you do your job. While this might be true in some instances, your performance generally indicates how far you can climb up the corporate ladder. If you work hard and make yourself an invaluable member of an organization, you will be rewarded with a promotion and bigger paycheck.

The great thing about working hard in the corporate world is that your hard work will trump any internal politics at the job, so don’t waste your time trying to get in good with the bosses, just do your job well and reap the rewards.

Don’t Stress Yourself Out

The downside to being a hard worker is that people tend to stress themselves out doing too much. You have to remember that you cannot work efficiently if you have too many things going on, make sure that you give yourself some time to clear your head because that time could be used to reflect and help you come up with great ideas.

Ask Questions

A lot of people are hesitant to ask questions at work because they feel it will undermine them with their bosses and peers. However, if you don’t ask questions, people will assume you know what you are doing, which could lead to disaster if you don’t. There is nothing wrong with asking questions if you don’t know how to approach a task, at the very least, it shows that you are willing to admit you need help and accept input from others, which is always a good thing.