Career Options to Utilize a Fashion Degree

If you are someone with an interest in fashion, there are numerous career options for you. You don’t necessarily need to restrict yourself to designing clothes. You can specialize or branch out in different fashion-related business categories.

Ideally, preparations about your career must begin in high school. If you know about your career aspirations, you can apply to the right college on time. Make it a habit to read about various careers and courses on trusted resources such as

Here are some ideas for an exciting career in fashion.


You can design clothes, accessories or both. To learn about designing clothes, you will need to study for a fashion degree. You can further specialize in designing for the luxury clothing market or maternity wear. You can design specifically for men or contemporary office wear.

In terms of accessories, you can design handbags, shoes and jewelry. You can further narrow your specialization to silver, fashion, gemstone or precious jewelry. You can design bags for office use or eco-friendly totes. You can design bridal gowns, lingerie, or swimwear. You can also solely focus on clothing for kids or design activewear.

In terms of designing, you have umpteenth opportunities to make a career in fashion.

Business Establishment

In terms of your fashion business also, there are now many options available to you. You can have your own boutique or retail your creations. You can sell through both brick and online stores. You can even have your own online store and sell your ware exclusively through it.

Another option is to sell through exhibitions. Many men and women desire to work only part-time for family reasons. Selling through craft fairs and exhibitions can be a great option for them to continue working in a field of their choice. They can make a switch to a full-time fashion career at a later date if they so desire easily. They already have their connections, clientele and experience. So, it can be easier to get back to full-time work.

You can have your own retail fashion store where you can curate and sell other designers’ collections.

Other Options

When it comes to a career in fashion, you are not only restricted to design or retail. You can combine your fashion knowledge in other areas as well. One way to utilize a fashion degree is to branch out into merchandising or even obtain a fashion merchandising degree. It can include window designing at retail stores, finding ways to best sell fashion products etc.

You can also study fashion journalism. All publications cover news related to the fashion industry. You can cover fashion shows and big luxury exhibitions. You can work full-time with a media company or work as a freelance journalist. Art and fashion is also a potent combination. You can study art and combine it with your fashion knowledge to work in museums. The work can involve designing exhibits related to fashion and art; fashion and history etc.

Before you begin to study for your fashion degree, carefully think about your options and then make a decision.