What are cabin air filters?

February 12, 2018

The cabin air filter is something that really exists, we are serious! Air cabin filters are found in many late-model cars and trucks.  It is a special fine filter that cleans the air that enters the cabinof your vehicle. This ultra-fine paper-based filter prevents pollen, dust and other airborne particles from getting into the car. The filters work well in dusty areas and if you, or a passenger, get allergic reactions, the filters can provide relief.

So where are these air filters?  Many cabin air filters are above or behind the glove box.  Often, they may be seen by freeing the glove box from its support fasteners, then dropping that glove box out of the way.  If this seems hard, let a mechanic do it. In some vehicles, though, the cabin air filter may be underneath the dashboard and may be tough to reach. You want a mechanic to do these for sure. Head down to Central Hyundai Genesis in Hartsdale, NY to find out more!

More signs a cabin air filter should be checked

Are you experiencing headaches, allergic reactions or breathing issues while driving? When a filter is clogged, it won’t prevent allergens and dust from entering your cabin. We touched on this above. What about cut-down airflow from the AC vents? When your cabin air filter is clogged up with stuff, then less air will pass through to your cabin.

There could may be a musty or dirty smell from your air vents to warn you of a failing cabin air filter. The smell may build up overtime and may be noticeable at first, as you spend so much time in your vehicle. But eventually you will have to face it. When it is wintertime, see if you notice any more window fogging than usual. If you do, then this means that your vehicle is providing inefficient heating or cooling.

How often should a cabin air filter be changed? 

Most manufacturers say every 10,000 to 15,000 miles or so.  Perhaps more often depending on where you drive.  If you operate your motor vehicle in a city with poor air quality, in dusty desert climates, or anywhere else with less-than-ideal air quality, a cabin air filter will quit on you fast and you may want to change it more often.

The Replacement Air Filter

By the way, you may be surprised at a replacement cabin air filter’s cost.  As these are relatively big affairs and are made of very fine paper or filter material, they must filter out tiny particles and are usually twice or more times expensive than air filters for engines.  It is just that quality air is super pricey!

If you want to have your local dealership replace your cabin air filter, ask to see the old one before they throw it out.  You might be surprised to see the things that it has caught.  It could have bugs, leaves, dirt and all kinds of things attached to its surface.  Then you will know that the cabin air filters do their jobs!

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