How to Buy a Truck Online

February 12, 2018

The internet has made truck buying a new experience. Most dealerships now have internet sales staff and have everything you want to know online. That means you can research, find and negotiate your desired truck from the comfort of your house. Finding the actual truck you want to buy has never been easier. Here’s a look at the process and how it works. We hope that this will save you from the past confusion and headaches of car-buying days past.

Which make and model?

The internet makes identifying the best truck for you easy. You may easily research various makes and models.  There are also many sites that will give you data on reliability and insight into problems they may have (think consumer reports).

Finding the actual truck

Almost all dealers have their inventory online.  This means you can potentially find several examples of the very make and model of the truck you want in a few hours. This is a process that used to require many days of your time. For an example of the new, easier, online vehicle-buying process, check out the inventory of this dealership, selling new Nissan vehicles, in Yonkers, NY. Remember that you are in control of your truck-buying process; you know better than anyone what exactly you are looking for!

Determine the price to pay

This is the best part: you can perform a total financial analysis of your truck purchase before you even get onto the dealer’s lot. You can find out not only the truck’s MSRP, you may find out the invoice price and even what other consumers are paying for similar trucks (the Fair Market Value). It is unbelievably empowering and eliminates much of the stress of buying a truck. Try it out when you have a couple of minutes!

Research your potential trade’s value

Knowing the value of your trade is useful when you begin considering financing. Most dealerships use one of two sources for used vehicle values: the Kelly Blue Book (KBB) or the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA). You can access the same information they have on your computer.

Get quotes

Once your online research is done, you can contact dealerships for an online price quote. Typically, that is done by filling out a website quote form or by emailing the internet sales manager.

Get financing taken care of

You may usually get approved to buy a car through the dealership’s website. You may want to shop around at credit unions and banks also but the truck dealer is likely to offer you a fantastic finance package with little hassle.

Sign away and drive home

At this stage, you should be working with the dealership that has your truck.  After everything is taken care of, all you do is visit the dealer to finalize the bill of sale and sign any financing paperwork. Last step is to pick up the keys and drive your truck off the lot!

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