How to Better Market Your Non-Profit Globally

September 26, 2017

It obviously wouldn’t be very cost-effective to use conventional marketing strategies to reach global customers, which would involve organizing on-the-ground campaigns in each country. The best way to get your non-profit out there to the widest audience is to market sensibly by email. This marketing accounts for a third of all online fundraising revenue. However, there’s a difference between an email marketing campaign and spamming prospective and existing donors. Use your data effectively, and focus on people who’ve already shown an interest in fundraising.

Personalize Your Email Campaign

As Giving Tuesday approaches, making the most of an email marketing campaign will help you to raise international awareness and encourage your donors to get active. Personalize your marketing so that the email has a higher chance of being opened – marketers have found a 760% increase in revenue from segmented campaigns. This involves considering the demographic of the receiver and requires you to know important information on them such as online history and activity, as well as their likes, dislikes – even their birthday.

Know Your Donors

Repeat donors are essential for any non-profit, and these are the people you’ll have the most information about, from their previous donations, so it should be easier to encourage these people to respond to you. Including a video in the email will also increase open rates by 13%, but this could be higher if the content is relevant to the receiver’s interests. For example, personalized and relevant subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened than emails that are generic. Also, once you have collected the data on your donors, you can also keep a longstanding record of the data you’ve gathered for content marketing and social media. Once you’ve enticed your donors to revisit your website and make a donation, you’ll want to keep them happy with up-to-date and germane content.

Raise Awareness

Giving Tuesday is about sustaining generosity, and because it’s an annual affair, you can learn from any marketing mistakes year on year. However, the problem is a lack of awareness; only 18% of people are already aware of Giving Tuesday, compared to 93% awareness for Black Friday. Therefore, your marketing input will be a valuable way of collaborating with other non-profits and contributing to cementing Giving Tuesday in people’s memories.

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