9 Best Online Shopping Sites in Europe (2024)

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Europe’s online shopping scene is a bustling marketplace with diverse platforms catering to every taste and budget.

From fashionistas seeking trendy apparel to health-conscious individuals searching for natural supplements, this guide will be your trusty compass, providing an overview of some of the best online shopping sites in Europe:

1. Amazon

URL: amazon.com, amazon.de, amazon.co.uk

Category: General Marketplace (Vast Variety of Products)

The giant of the online world, Amazon reigns supreme in many European countries. With dedicated websites for different regions, it offers a near-infinite inventory across diverse categories, from electronics and books to homeware and groceries.

Competitive prices, fast deliveries, and convenient user interfaces make it a popular choice. However, potential import duties for non-EU purchases and data privacy concerns should be considered.

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2. eBay

URL: ebay.com, ebay.de, ebay.co.uk

Category: Auction & Marketplace (New & Used Products)

Beyond online auctions, eBay has evolved into a versatile marketplace. Bid on unique vintage finds, buy new items directly, or browse through countless categories for homewares, fashion, and electronics.

With competitive prices and a vast selection, eBay caters to bargain hunters and treasure seekers alike. However, quality can vary, and buyer vigilance is crucial.


URL: asos.com

Category: Fashion (Women’s, Men’s, & Kids’ Clothing)

Fashionistas, rejoice! ASOS is your one-stop shop for trendy apparel, shoes, and accessories. Catering to both women and men, it offers a vast selection of its own brand alongside other popular labels.

New arrivals appear constantly, and frequent sales and discounts make it budget-friendly. However, sizing inconsistencies and potential return costs should be factored in.

4. Aliexpress

URL: aliexpress.com

Category: International Marketplace (Direct from Chinese Sellers)

Embrace the thrill of bargain hunting with Aliexpress, your gateway to unbelievably low prices. This global platform connects you directly with Chinese sellers, offering an endless scroll of products across diverse categories.

Quirky gadgets, trendy fashions, and everyday essentials are all up for grabs. However, longer shipping times, potential quality inconsistencies, and navigating language barriers might be your hidden hurdles. Research and reviews are essential.


URL: shein.com

Category: Fashion (Women’s Clothing & Accessories)

Fashion on a budget? SHEIN might be your answer. Catering primarily to women, it offers a dizzying array of styles, from casual everyday wear to glamorous party outfits.

New arrivals appear constantly, and prices are notoriously budget-friendly. However, be mindful of potential sizing inconsistencies, the environmental impact of fast fashion, and potentially long return shipping times.

6. Temu

URL: temu.com

Category: General Marketplace (Direct from Chinese Sellers)

A newcomer to the scene, Temu promises another exciting entry point for budget-conscious shoppers. Similar to Aliexpress, it connects you directly with Chinese sellers, offering a treasure chest of low-priced products across diverse categories.

Trendy finds, practical essentials, and quirky gadgets are all up for grabs. Remember, longer shipping times, potential quality inconsistencies, and navigating language barriers might be your challenges. Do your research and read reviews before diving in.

7. Etsy

URL: etsy.com

Category: Handmade & Vintage Goods

Support independent creators and discover unique treasures on Etsy. Home to handmade crafts, vintage finds, and personalized items, it’s a haven for those seeking something special.

From artisanal jewelry to custom artwork, Etsy empowers creativity and offers one-of-a-kind pieces. However, prices can be higher due to the handcrafted nature of the items.

8. Zalando

URL: zalando.com

Category: Fashion & Shoes (Brands & Own Label)

Fashion with a European flair? Zalando is your destination. Featuring a curated selection of top designer brands alongside its own label, it caters to discerning tastes and offers premium shopping experiences.

Competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and reliable delivery options make it a popular choice for fashion-conscious shoppers.

9. IHerb

URL: iherb.com

Category: Health & Wellness Products (Supplements, Vitamins, Natural Foods)

Wellness enthusiasts take note! IHerb is your haven for high-quality supplements, vitamins, and natural food products.

Committed to quality control and offering competitive prices, it ships internationally with various options. Whether you’re seeking organic protein powder or herbal remedies, IHerb offers a diverse selection.

Choosing the right store for you

Understanding your needs and preferences is key to picking the perfect platform in Europe’s vibrant online shopping landscape. Consider these factors:

Budget: Amazon, Aliexpress, Temu, SHEIN offer budget-friendly options for bargain hunters, while ASOS, Zalando cater to mid-range budgets, and Etsy can vary depending on the individual creator. IHerb generally falls somewhere in the middle.

Product Variety: Amazon, eBay, and Aliexpress boast the widest variety across categories, while ASOS and Zalando focus on fashion, Etsy specializes in handmade and vintage goods, and IHerb caters to health and wellness needs.

Shipping and Delivery: Amazon, Zalando, and regional giants like Cdiscount (France) or MediaMarkt (Germany) offer well-established delivery networks. Platforms like Aliexpress and Temu involve longer international shipping times. eBay and Etsy rely on individual sellers for shipping arrangements.

Customer Experience: Amazon, Zalando, and ASOS offer user-friendly interfaces and secure payment options. Due to potential language barriers and quality inconsistencies, Aliexpress, Temu, and eBay require caution and research. Etsy emphasizes personalized experiences and seller communication. IHerb excels in secure transactions and international shipping options.

Tips for shopping online in Europe

Read reviews and compare prices: Do your research to ensure you’re getting the best deal and check product reviews to assess quality, especially on platforms like Aliexpress.

Beware of scams: Unfortunately, online scams exist. Be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true, and never share sensitive information with unverified sellers.

Understand shipping and return policies: Know how long delivery will take and what the return process entails before making a purchase.

Utilize secure payment methods: Stick to trusted payment gateways like GoPay, Dana, or credit cards with verified security measures.

Stay informed about customs and import duties: When shopping internationally, be aware of any potential customs fees or import duties that might apply, especially with Amazon International.