A Guide to Planning Your Daughter’s Wedding

April 30, 2019

While many mother-of-the-brides will often act simply as financial and moral support to their daughter’s on their big day, many more brides will want their mother to be helping with wedding arrangements and providing active support through the preparation process. If you have been given the role of organising your daughter’s wedding, read on to find out how you can live up to the responsibility.

Help With Dress Shopping

It is easy to let indecision take over when you are planning your dress as a bride, and many brides will want their mother to attend fittings with them and provide their honest opinion of the dresses in question. Therefore, you should make sure that you offer the time to go with your daughter when she is choosing what can turn out to be the most important and sentimental part of any wedding.

However, you should not let the focus on your daughter’s dress stop you from considering your own outfit. If you are looking for mother-of-the-bride dresses that can allow you to dress for the occasion, Froxx offers plus size mother of the bride dresses that are both unique and will make sure you look stunning beside your daughter.

Meet the In-Laws

To avoid any awkward scenarios on the day, you should ensure that you have met the groom’s parents and relatives before the wedding. This is especially important if you need to discuss elements of the wedding planning. If you have not met them, you should make an effort to arrange a meeting beforehand so that you can get to know each other.

Prepare to be the Middle-Man

While the bride has her own stresses to think about, you may find yourself becoming the middle-man between caterers and exterior organizations such as the venue. This is especially true if your daughter is getting married in her hometown, or if you live in the same area as the wedding. Then, you should ensure that you take the time to stay organized, know what your daughter’s wishes are, and check that everything is running smoothly where possible.

Visit Potential Locations

The location of the wedding is almost as important as the dress, and your daughter will probably ensure that you are her go-to person for visits to potential locations. Whether you provide the transport to these or simply give your opinion, it is crucial that you make time for this and respect your daughter’s decision, whether your daughter wants to get married in a church, registry office or more unusual location.

Relying on Tradition

It is up to you to make any long-standing traditions that have been followed through in your family for generations happen. For instance, this could even be as simple as finding something borrowed, and it is important that you share these moments with your daughter if you believe that they are vital to a family wedding.

Take on a Hostess Role

It is likely that your daughter will be extremely busy at events throughout the periods leading up the wedding. If this is the case, be prepared to take on a hostess role to take the stress away from your daughter, ensuring that all guests are happy, that nothing goes wrong, and that everyone is included in events.

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