5 Pro Tips For Creating Your New Hairstyle

February 3, 2017

Finding that perfect new hairstyle fills you with confidence that gets you noticed. Yet, it takes striking a careful balance between keeping up with the trends and showing off your unique personal style to truly look amazing. Before you start experimenting with hairstyles, use these pro tips to find a look that shows off all of your best features.

Check Out a Look Book

Look books are what the stylists to the stars use to get inspired. You can click through images of hairstyles online, or you can make a look book of your own by cutting and pasting pictures into a scrapbook. Either way, this is the best place to start when you need a few ideas to try out in the mirror. When you are making your look book, keep in mind to choose photos with models whose face shapes and features are similar to yours since those are the styles that will best fit the look you are after.

Try a Sleek Style

Your new hairstyle should be low-maintenance enough that you can wear it every day while still looking like you just walked out of the salon. Curls simply take too much time to create, and they usually fall into wimpy waves by the end of the day. The hot look now is smooth and sleek, which is perfect for beauty queens who want to look great without spending all day styling their hair. Straight hair also looks great up or down so you have more options for changing up your look.

Find at Least Two Ways to Wear It

Once you have your basic style in place, you want to make sure it doesn’t get boring. You also want to find ways to wear your style no matter what you are doing during the day. For example, your straight hairstyle can be worn loose with a pretty clip for that exciting first date, or you can pull it up into a high pony to create a more elegant look. Having multiple ways to style your hair gives you options for creating specific looks.

Play With Accessories

There are tons of accessories available today that can accent your hair while drawing attention to your style. For example, try running a ribbon through a few choice braids weaved throughout your straightened hair. Or you could add a sparkly rhinestone band to your high pony. For that music festival, tie a long scarf into a headband and let the ends dangle down your back. With sleek hair, just about any type of accessory can be worked into your style to create a fun, flirty look.

Try It Out

The only way to know if you have created the perfect hairstyle is to get out there and show it off. Head to school or work with your new style, and wait for the compliments to roll in. If you’ve followed these steps, your style is sure to get noticed. In fact, don’t be surprised if people ask how you got your hair so glossy and sleek. When you look your best, everyone wants to find out how to pull off a similar style so be generous. Beauty queens have no problem sharing their secrets.

Creating new hairstyles should be a normal part of your beauty routine since keeping your look fresh is the secret to always getting attention. By experimenting with different textures and accessories, your new look will make you feel your best inside and out.



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