5 Must-Have Accessories for This Spring

March 4, 2019

As winter is quickly coming to an end, spring is fast approaching. This means that for all the fashionable people out there, they’re getting ready to put away their coats and boots and bring out lighter clothing. In light of this, whether you’re revamping your wardrobe from last year or sticking up on your spring clothing, it’s possible you’re thinking about how to make it look more interesting. One answer is to accessorize as a way of diversifying and brightening up your looks. Here are 5 must-have accessories that you could invest in and add to your wardrobe this spring.


When spring comes along, it often brings some sunshine with it as well. With that being said, consider buying yourself a nice new pair of sunglasses. It has been predicted that one of the trends for spring 2019 will be larger than life shades. This could include designs from brands such as Prada and Gucci which have qualities such as being bold, tinted and adorned with bows and crystals.


Aside from big and bold sunglasses, another accessory that you should find yourself with this spring is a stylish wristwatch. Despite the smartphone craze, watches are still very practical ways of telling the time and make for great arm candy as well. The good thing about watches is that there are several brands out there which make them in a range of styles, shapes, and sizes. You, therefore, have a wide selection to choose from. This spring, you could look through the Rolex collection as they have trendy watches for men and women.


Footwear is an everyday necessity and one of the first things that people tend to see when they look at you. Think about getting a good and fashionable pair of pumps this spring to bring your outfits to life. Calvin Klein, as well as Balenciaga, has some interesting pumps such as court shoes with a scuba print or polka dotted heels with a triangular back.

Statement Jewelry

If you want to stand out this spring, you can try statement jewelry. They are a way to take simple looks and make them stand out. For instance, you could wear a bracelet with big charms or a necklace with a pendant. Another trend that you can look out for is crystal drop earrings as bling is said to be in.

Hair Accessories

Your hair could do with some love to this spring, so look for accessories in this department. A good example of something to try is decorated bobby pins, and the key to pulling off this look is wearing as many as possible. Aside from this, you can also rock different headbands which can be worn both elegantly or with a pair of jeans if that’s what you’d prefer.

This spring is a chance for you to add color to your wardrobe and make yourself look more vibrant. As you should when it comes to fashion, focus on creating your personal style and exploring ways to express yourself in and out of season.

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