5 Great American Road Trip Ideas

July 24, 2016

Road trips are a fun way to get away from the stress of everyday life, as well as a great way to spend some quality time with family and friends, which is why I recommend going on at least one road trip in your lifetime.

If you’re in the United States and are interested in taking a road trip, there are plenty of places you can go/visit, but we have put together a list of the top 5 road trip ideas for you to make it easier to pick a destination for your road trip.

5. Overseas Highway, Florida

If you are travelling through Florida, this 120-mile route that connects the Florida Keys is a fun route to take. The first part of the highway from the Florida mainland to Key Largo is a little underwhelming, but once you get to Key Largo, it is a very beautiful scenery.

You will be driving across the Atlantic Ocean for a few hours and you will feel like you are floating on the water. It is also where the final action scene in the movie “True Lies” was filmed, so if you have seen the movie, you know exactly how beautiful the ocean looks from the bridge.

If you take this route, be sure to take a break and go swimming with the dolphins at the Theater of the Sea in Islamorada. And why not travel in style by renting a luxury car in Miami? The closest major airport for this epic destination.

4. Pacific Coast Highway- Route 1

The PCH takes you through Oregon, California, and Washington, and provides you with beautiful mountain scenery, as well as a great view of the Pacific Ocean. Route 1 is over 123 miles long, so be prepared for a long drive, and make sure you are careful on the roads because of sharp turns, mud slides, and detours.

If you’re into golf, be sure to check out the famous Pebble Beach golf course.

3. Beartooth Highway

This highway has been called the most beautiful highway in America by quite a few people, and you won’t get an argument from us because the views from this highway are for lack of a better word, spectacular. You will get to see a lot of mountains and Yellowstone Park while driving through this highway. You should also be aware that at some point, the highway is just a little under 11,000 above sea level.

2. Route 6. Cape Cod

This is a 117 mile route that takes you through Cape Cod. You will get to see saltbox homes in colonial villages, forests, tidal ponds, and of course, the Provincetown harbor. You will also get a great view of the beach, so feel free to take a break and enjoy some lobster while you’re there.

1. Million Dollar Highway, Colorado

You can’t talk about going on a road trip without mentioning the Million Dollar highway, which runs from Silverton to Ouray, Colorado. While on the highway, you will pass through two historical mining cities and enjoy some breathtaking views.

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