5 Benefits of Metal Roofs

August 8, 2018

Thinking of tackling a few home improvement projects this year? Where should you begin?

For many savvy homeowners, it starts with knowing what adds the most value to your home. Especially if you think you might sell your home in a few years, what projects offer you the greatest return?

Of course, many of the top renovations are things you would expect. You can’t go wrong by making improvements to your kitchen. But others may surprise you. Did you know replacing your roof is high up on the list?

There’s a reason for that. Sure, you might be used to the boring roof your parents had on their home while you were growing up. But roofing today offers many more benefits and features. Today’s roofing options can add style and class. And of course value to your home.

Residential metal roofing is currently one of the fastest growing segments of the home improvement market. That’s because the benefits are many. While other roofing options quickly diminish in value as they age, metal roofs provide lasting benefits.

Expected Life

One of the biggest benefits of installing a metal roof is its life expectancy. Properly installed, you can expect a metal roof to last almost as long as the house. That’s because metal roofs bring so many advantages to light.

Water won’t be able to penetrate through the material. Metal can withstand high wind speeds. And even the occasional snow storm won’t damage a metal roof; it simply melts the snow away. Bugs and pests can’t damage it. It won’t grow mildew or rot. It even offers protection from the most damaging forces of nature, including fire.

While warranties vary, you’ll often find a roof service company will offer one of the best warranties in the business on metal roofs, typically anywhere from 20 to 50 years.


As you’re finalizing your decision on what new roof to install, it’s easy to fall in love with some of the sophisticated products on the market. Clay tiles look beautiful on certain home styles. Did you know they add a lot of weight to your home’s structure? Did you know that in some cases, a roof service company has to build in support to the structure before it completes the installation?

Clay or concrete tiles can often add as much as 900 pounds per square—an area equal to 100 square feet. That’s a lot of weight on top of your home.

Compare that with metal roofing that is lightweight and easier to install. Most varieties run anywhere from 50 to 150 pounds per square. And because it’s so lightweight, if you are adding a new addition, you can often downsize or reduce the support system built into your home.

Fire Resistance

Because metal is a noncombustible material, it makes a perfect addition to your home. Most metal roofing materials have Class A fire rating, which is the most resistant on the market.

Keep in mind that it isn’t just the metal itself that helps make your roof fire resistant. A roof’s overall classification also depends on materials beneath the surface that could ignite in intense heat.

Most metal roofs are applied over combustible material such as wood, which can lower it to a Class B or Class C rating. It’s important to speak with your roof service company about the rating process, especially if you are in an area prone to fires.

Energy Efficiency

On almost any structure, the roofing material is the start of what determines total building energy efficiency. Likewise, the roof is also responsible for energy production. So whether you are looking at increasing your home’s efficiency, or would like a way of producing more energy, your roof is a great place to start.

Metal roofing products consider both. They do what you expect: warm under the sun and help shed rain and snow during the colder winter months. But they also have a unique way of reducing summer heat gain, too. Metal roofs address all forms of heat transfer—radiant, conductive, and convective—ensuring maximum energy efficiency.

Beautiful Style

If you’re like many homeowners, you might be sold on the benefits. After all, we all care about safety and energy efficiency. But when it comes right down to it, you also care about style. Why would you want something on your home that is less than beautiful? Why would you want to destroy curb appeal for the sake of saving a little money?

Luckily, you don’t have to choose with metal roofing. Metal roofs have PVDF coatings. The color is added to this finishing process; it’s what gives them pigmentation and provides fade resistance. You’ll be surprised at how many color choices you have.

Despite the advancement in color pigmentation, lighter colors, including grays and browns, will perform better than the bright colors. With brighter colors—reds, blues, and yellows—they have more saturation, meaning they are formulated with more than one pigment. These pigments can change over time, impacting the color that shows through on your roof.

Still, that is part of the process. Selecting the final color and style is based on your personal preferences. And with the help of your roof service company representative, the final choice you make will be perfect for your home.

Convinced a metal roof is for you? There’s one more thing to keep in mind.

While you may have settled on a metal roof for your home, who you purchase your roof from is just as important as the style. Select the wrong roof service company and you may be paying the price for years to come.

The roofing industry is filled with problems. Because it’s a major home investment, the industry is ripe for opportunity from less than stellar businesses. Beware the scams that run rampant throughout the industry.

  1. The contractor that gets paid before doing work. They may ask for an unusually large down payments. They may want you to sign over insurance checks before any work is performed. Don’t let your guard down. Make sure you are hiring a well-known roof service company before you sign on the dotted line.
  2. Avoid the strangers going door to door. They may tell you your neighbor is having a new roof repaired and you can save money by having a new one installed too. Don’t fall for the ploy. Do you own research and find out if the company is as good as they say.
  3. The bid seems too good to be true. If you jump at the opportunity to save cash on your home improvement projects, they often wind up costing you double the price. Take the time to fully investigate potential roof service companies to ensure you are getting high-quality service.

Are you ready to install a metal roof on your home? Contact your local roof service specialists today.


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