4 Wedding Favours Your Guest Will Actually Like

October 19, 2017

We’ve all been there. You attend a wedding and conveniently forget to take home a favour because, well, you were never that into them to begin with.  To make sure your wedding guests do not do exactly the same thing, and waste the money you have spent on them, be sure to invest in something that they will actually want.

Here are four favour ideas that we have found to be well-received by wedding guests.

  1.  Anything edible

Quality should be the priority here. You might want to go for traditional Italian wedding favours, such as sugared almonds, or you might opt for something different. Either way, you can’t go wrong providing your guests with something to snack on later that night or in the morning. If you are planning on buying cheap confectionary just for the sake of having a favour, it is best not to bother at all.

  1.  Alcohol

You can’t go wrong providing a mini champagne bottle or a miniature of your favourite booze to your wedding guests. You could even go a step further and provide his and her options so guests can choose their preferred tipple.

  1.  Mini plants

A potted succulent or hanging terrarium would make an ideal wedding favour. People are always looking for little things to add a little character to their homes, and mini plants fit the bill perfectly. This is one of the few wedding favours that will actually last.

  1. Something local to the area

If you are hosting a destination wedding, it can be a nice touch to give your guests something they would not be able to find elsewhere; a souvenir, a taste of the local culture. As an example, a wedding we attended last year provided jam jars in a flavour that was native to the local area.

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