3 Ideal UK Locations For Your Next Holiday

August 9, 2018

When it’s time for a holiday, sometimes figuring out where to go can be the biggest challenge. There are so many destinations both locally and globally to choose from depending on your preference. Over the years, staycations have become increasingly popular, and people are more open to exploring the hidden treasure within their countries. You may be reading this for a similar reason and be looking for ideas of places you can go within the UK. It may be pleasing to know that there are several destinations that you likely haven’t explored yet. You’re going to find three in particular which could be ideal for your next holiday below.

The Owl Barn, Anglesey

If you’re looking for a nice holiday spot in the UK, perhaps think about going to The Owl Barn in Anglesey. This is a great spot for the family as it’s jam-packed with attractions and activities. For one, there’s a beach, so if you decide to go during the summer, you can enjoy some warmth of the sun’s rays and clear waters. Additionally, there’s a pub and open countryside a stone’s throw away that you can enjoy. It is particularly suitable if you’re doing a big family holiday as it can accommodate up to two families, has a games room and more than enough baby gear. If you’re curious about other beach vacations, have a look at Coast Radar to find a variety of beaches around the UK, especially ones close to you.


In case you’ve never been to Cornwall, your next holiday is a perfect chance for you to do so. Located on the South Coast of Cornwall, this location offers an all-weather clubhouse with indoor swimming pools, soft play, fresh food, and areas ideal if you’re coming with family. There are also tennis courts, watersport centers, and an amusement arcade there to keep you busy. Pentewan sands consist of stunning views, good food, and it’s left to you to bring along great company. Other things that you can do in that Pentewan axis include visit the Megavissey Museum, The Lost Gardens of Heligan, visit the Porthpean beach and also engage in Cornwall watersports.

Cropton Cabins, North Yorkshire

When thinking of locations for your next holiday, it may be worth adding Cropton Cabins in North Yorkshire to the list. Seeing as it’s located on the edge of North York Moors National Park, it’s ideal if you want an outdoor and nature type of holiday. You’ll likely find stylish new cabins, terraces, and outdoor hot tubs. In addition, you can partake in onsite activities like dusk watching, archery, horse riding and laser combat as well.

A holiday should be filled with heart-warming memories that are impossible to duplicate. No matter what destination you decide to go to, you should feel relaxed, comfortable and engaged during your stay. There are so many locations in the UK. However, that can achieve this and more. The hope is that after reading this, you’ll find a local destination that makes you feel all of those things and more.

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