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May 2021


5 Healthy Habits to Pick Up

May 16, 2021

Almost everyone constantly talks about getting in the gym, improving their diet, and becoming more healthy, but nobody ever gets it done. The main reason this problem consistently reoccurs is that people bite off way more than they can chew.

So instead of changing your entire lifestyle in one day, start to develop smaller healthy habits, and then making more significant health decisions will be much easier.


One healthy habit that constantly goes overlooked is the amount of sleep that you get on a day-to-day basis. As an adult, you are supposed to get at least eight hours of sleep each night. Unfortunately, most adults get far less than that. Suppose you are one of those people who stays up late and gets up early. If you try to get a little more sleep, you will have so much more energy to get things done throughout the day. 

There are also people who get close to eight hours of sleep but fall short consistently, which can be just as bad—if not worse, than going to bed late and waking up early. As an adult, you need a total of eight hours to go through all of the cycles of sleep, and if you fall a little bit short, it might leave you more tired and with less energy throughout the day.

Eating Right 

A pretty common healthy habit to pick up is dieting, but most people approach the concept of nutrition incorrectly. Most people think that the less you eat, the better off you are, and this concept is not true. You have to develop your nutrition based on your daily activities. If you are active, you should eat more food, and if you are less active, you should eat a little bit less. 

Waking Up Early

Going back to the concept of sleep, while getting eight hours of sleep, you should also try to wake up at a decent time. Even though it may not seem like it, waking up earlier can be life-changing in terms of the number of productive activities you can get done. So by going to bed a little bit earlier and waking up a little earlier, not only will you have a significant amount of energy to use for the rest of the day, but you will also have several more hours to get productive activities done. 


Reading is another one of those healthy activities that get looked over, mainly because reading is beneficial for the mind. Even though mental health and keeping your knowledge well maintained isn’t as glamorous as getting in the gym and becoming better looking, it is just as, if not more important. So the material that you read isn’t necessary either, as long as you are betting yourself.

Stay Hydrated

The most important part of starting to develop a new, healthy lifestyle is to stay hydrated. Many people start working out and become more active drinking the same amount of water they used when they weren’t physically active. This can lead to health problems, and you will feel terrible. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water, no matter the circumstances, and drink water according to the amount of activity you are doing. 

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Topic: Getting The Best Out Of Your Fishing Equipment

May 13, 2021

There’s nothing better than being fully prepared as an angler and having the right equipment is essential. Experienced anglers will have created a setup that works for them over the years, adding to it along the way, whilst novices may be starting this process from scratch. Either way, whether you have an expensive setup or a modest one, all anglers will want to get the best out of their equipment to enjoy their time fishing. To help, here are a few tips on ensuring your equipment is up to standard and ready when you are.

Choose Reliable Equipment

Having equipment you can rely on may seem obvious, but when there is so much choice from rods to reels and camping equipment, knowing which will give you reliable and long-lasting performance is difficult. Even adding a simple addition such as a comfortable fishing bed or sleeping bag can quickly leave you saturated with choice, so it’s best to do your research before investing. See what other anglers recommend and rate highly, that way you can choose a brand that is trusted and equipment that has been tested out by the water by anglers themselves.

Weather Protection

The elements can wear down your equipment over time, so you’ll want to protect them as much as possible to increase their life. One type of environment in particular that can be harsh on your equipment is saltwater fishing. If your equipment is not adequately protected, it can lead to rusting and the quality of your rods and hooks, for example, deteriorating over time. The best way to avoid this happening is with any well-used equipment to remove the build-up of salt after fishing using a wet cloth. Also, you may want to oil any moving parts to ensure the smooth running of reels and any bearings to avoid any unnecessary friction over time.

Keep Equipment Maintained

Like with any well-used equipment, wear and tear can start to show, so you’ll want to make sure they are maintained correctly. Rather than just leaving them to get worse or spending more money replacing them, knowing a few handy tips will help. When washing your equipment to remove dirt, you can use a soft-bristle brush to remove any hard to remove things like mud that will not scratch or damage the surface. Any collapsible equipment such as your rod should be greased to avoid wear by the joints. Using candle wax or other lubricants will help to do so. When storing any equipment, this also needs to be done efficiently to maintain it. Having protective storage bags for smaller items and keeping your rod on a purposed rack at home either vertically or horizontally will avoid trapped moisture.

Make Your Lures Last

The lures you use need to be kept at an optimum level, especially if you’ve found one that works for you and you want it to last. You’ll want to remove the hooks from the lure to easily clean it then use a small brush to remove any build-up of dirt. Oiling any moving parts or joints if the lure has them and finishing with spray wax will go a long way to increase the life of your favourite lures. Maintaining them also starts from straight after use by correctly removing the lure from the fish’s mouth by using a hook removal tool or pliers. 

Most anglers will pick up tips and tricks along the way to help them maintain a good equipment setup. The tips above are by no means exhaustive, so finding practical advice that works for you is recommended and will help you ensure your equipment is always at its best.